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All’s Well With Wells Singapore

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Wells TT UV+ is a new water purifier that lets you enjoy pure, clean water on demand, with UV Sterilisation.

Humans can go for several weeks without food, but deprive us of water and we won’t survive beyond a few days. This is because around two-thirds of our body is made up of water. On average, we require about 2.4 litres of water (which includes the food we eat) a day to keep healthy.

While water from our taps is generally safe for drinking, it does contain chlorine. This, coupled with dirty pipes, makes it safer to get your water filtered before drinking. To ensure you stay well hydrated in our hot and humid climate, a water purifier is a good choice for clean H2O on demand. For greater convenience, plump for a variable-temperature dispenser for hot and cold water with filtration and disinfection features.

Wells TT UV+ is a dispenser-type water purifier that amply meets the need for clean, pleasant-tasting water. Its powerful filtering system will impress the pickiest of consumers as it is capable of removing seven types of heavy metals and eliminating 35 types of microorganisms, including bacteria. It is fitted with two filters: the Wells Multi-carbon Plus Filter and the Nano Clean Filter.

The Wells Multi-carbon Plus Filter uses a five-step process approved by the US National Sanitation Foundation to remove seven hazardous heavy metals and organic compounds, including lead, mercury, aluminium and arsenic. The ultrafine Nano Clean filter not only eliminates foreign substances, but also 99.9% of viruses, in a four-step process. This includes norovirus, which contributes to enteritis, which is the inflammation of the small intestine. On top of that, it contains a silica ball that improves the taste of the water and makes it more alkaline — ideal for the health-conscious.

Wells TT UV+’s patented direct water cooling and dispensing technology allows it to churn out cool water seven times faster than other products. In addition to regular room temperature water, it provides five temperature options to suit your needs, be it for a piping-hot cup of tea or coffee, or warm infant formula. For those who like their drinking water really cold, its patented True Tankless technology more than satisfies by keeping water 2°C cooler.

Being tankless, the dispenser avoids build-up of germs and reduces the need for maintenance. Having said that, cleaning the dispenser is a breeze with its Clean Sterilising function, which automatically sterilises the nozzle every two hours using an inbuilt UV LED. The nozzle can also be adjusted to prevent drips and splashes.

Furthermore, the sleek design makes this product ideal for use in home and offices. Choose from white or rose gold to match your decor.

About Wells Singapore
An eco-friendly electrical appliances brand that is dedicated to pampering our customers, Wells Singapore knows there is only one way to do so: by delivering the best.

We mean to create a healthy lifestyle for our customers, providing everyone the gift of nature even within their enclosed workspaces and homes. To us, a conducive and clean space is not a luxury, but a well-deserved necessity. Striving for excellence in all that we do, our products have a mixture of multi-functionality and intelligent design, employing lightweight and portable technology that is the definition of style. With us, you will never be short of comfort, wherever you are.

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