January/February Edition

Dear AA Members,

It is with great pleasure that I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and may your 2021 be healthy and filled with happiness!

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce has started the Phase 3 of re-opening on 28 December 2020 and we are delighted that Singapore has made good progress to support the resumption of activities. As we enter Phase 3, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Members as well as the community for your kind understanding and support through these hard times. The Association will continue to remain vigilant; safe management measures and contact tracing will still be put in place in helping Singapore mitigate the virus spread and to keep the community transmission low. For the ease of our Members and the community’s convenience, AA has provided an array of online options, such as offering motoring webinars, as well as a new WhatsApp helpline at 9779 3028 to cater to any Membership-related enquiries. AAS Academy had also organised exclusive webinars, such as Eco-Driving Webinar, to help Members understand their driving habits and drive more efficiently. With these new initiatives, Members can be assured that the Association will continue to provide a holistic service while moving into year 2021.

In collaboration with Korea Tourism Organisation (‘KTO’) and Jeju Tourism Organisation (‘JTO’), AA Singapore provided driving and travelling tips in Korea and Jeju via a series of YouTube Live Streams during the last quarter of 2020! In case you have missed out the live telecast, you can access the videos on our YouTube channel at anytime and anywhere. Moving into 2021, do keep a lookout our regularly organised talks and courses designed to cater to the different needs and preferences of our Members!

With our Members’ convenience in mind, you can now book an appointment and schedule for our battery specialist to run a check on your battery condition at the convenience of your house’s parking lot! The on-site battery diagnostic service provides accurate equipment readings using the right diagnostic equipment. In addition, the specialists will also analyse your vehicle’s battery to check if it is roadworthy. AA Singapore carries an array of battery models to suit different car makes and models, and our maintenance-free batteries deliver high performance at minimum care. Do check out our battery services today!  The Association has recently partnered with Singapore Motor Workshop Association (‘SMWA’) to establish a certification framework to raise the safety standards of automotive workshops.

As an advocate of road safety, the Association is actively participating and coming up with new initiatives to shape a better and more holistic society. AAS Insurance Agency (‘AAS-IA’) introduced Singapore’s first Commercial Personal Mobility Devices (‘PMD’) Insurance coverage. This policy aims to protect PMD users from costs and expenses that they may incur due to third-party liabilities arising from the negligent use of PMD. Now, PMD users can sign up for a AA Personal Mobility Plus coverage, with added benefits such as a complimentary 1-year Social Membership as well as a PMD & Bicycle Safety Course!

As we move into the new year, I’m pleased to share that the Association is offering a festive Membership promotion. At $68 per year per Membership, Members can now receive an additional $68 AA Credits as well as a complimentary AA Family Membership. The $68 AA Credits is valid for retail purchases at AAShop, Insurance purchases with AAS-IA, and AA Motoring appointment-based services such as Car Evaluation, Car Valuation, Car Battery Diagnostic and more. I hope that with this deal, Members can better enjoy the services and privileges that the Association is providing.

As Chinese New Year is around the corner, check out what our 2021 privileges have in store for you, to help you prepare for the upcoming celebrations! From promotions at restaurants to various wellness offers, I’m sure you’d find something suitable to help you get ready for the New Year. Also, be sure to visit our Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates of AA Singapore on promotions, giveaways and news! With the Phase 3 of re-opening, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all Members and the community to visit our outlets to enjoy the services while observing safe management measures.

On behalf of AA Singapore, I wish everyone an abundance and prosperous Chinese New Year!

Best wishes,
Bernard Tay
President, AA Singapore