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Getting Your Pre-Owned Car Evaluated

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Why you should get it professionally done pre-purchase

If you are in the market for a pre-owned car, you’d no doubt be taken in by the gleaming condition of the car or be deluged with promises from the salesperson that the car is in “showroom condition” or is “accident-free” and has “a low mileage”. But you cannot at one glance notice everything.

Determining a pre-owned car’s condition goes beyond how good it looks and feels. That’s where the services of a professional car evaluator come in useful. An independent and professional car evaluation provides a consumer with a thorough and factual assessment of a pre-owned car that he or she is interested in purchasing.

To guide consumers in their pre-owned purchase, CASE, in consultation with multiple stakeholders including AA Singapore (AAS), has developed a Standard and Functional Evaluation Checklist for Pre-owned Cars . This checklist involves a comprehensive assessment of the car’s condition, including any flaws or defects or illegal modifications found during the inspection. The main aim is to give the potential buyer a fuller picture of the car’s condition.

The checklist has two parts. Part A records the car’s informational bits, such as the make and model, registration details, mileage, etc. It also records the condition of the car’s functional and visual parts, such as the air conditioning, lights, windscreen and bodywork, among others. This will be acknowledged by both the dealer and potential buyer. Part B is undertaken by the professional car evaluation centre. This is where more extensive checks and tests are performed and conducted to provide a clearer overview of the car’s condition.

The presence of cracks and welding could suggest that the car was previously involved in an accident. Road tests will be done to pick out any abnormal vibration or sound from the engine, including the gear transmissions. The car’s wheel and braking system will be tested for efficiency, uneven wear, or damage. The suspension system will be inspected for any seepage or defective components that may affect its performance. The evaluation will also determine if there have been any bodywork, accessories or modifications done to the car that do not comply with the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) regulations.

Based on our evaluator’s findings and subsequent report, a potential buyer can seek a price reduction or request the seller to do the necessary repair work before signing on the dotted line. Be wary if a seller insists on having their own evaluators do the report — only trust recognised bodies such as the AAS.

Beyond just your normal car inspection, our expert evaluators will do an in-depth check on important and key parts of the car. Among the many checks done, our evaluators will run a keen eye in determining the car’s structural integrity, identifying defective engine mounts or cracks or welding to the car’s chassis.

Unlike that of many other service providers, the report generated by our Car Evaluation Service goes beyond a simple checklist, and instead provides an explanation of what each test is for and what the results mean. This is especially useful for those who are not technically inclined and who appreciate more information than just a tick on a particular test.

Our Car Evaluation Service has assisted many in their car-buying experience. With certified car technicians and the right testing equipment, AAS has helped safeguard car buyers to make informed choices and get better value when looking to buy a pre-owned car. Sometimes a second look makes for an even deeper impression.