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Driving Tips For Traffic Jams

Getting stuck in traffic jams is an unavoidable reality of modern urban living. Here’s how to be a safer driver about it. Nothing frustrates a...

Catching 40 Winks In Your Car

Some drivers may feel the urge to take a nap in their cars. But even though they may have driven to a safe spot...

No Shortcuts For The Vertically Challenged

Handling a car can pose safety problems for petite drivers. We consider four such issues and recommend solutions to each. As cars are generally designed...

Distractions Riskier Than Texting

Simply appreciating your surroundings while driving can cause you to lose focus and compromise your attention on the roads. The phone has been a...

Where There’s A Will

Many are of the view that wills are only necessary for the affluent. However, this is not the case. Preparing one ensures you have...

Doing The U-turn Correctly

The U-turn has become one of the more dangerous manoeuvres on the roads. Some drivers put their lives and those of others at risk...

How Flooding Impacts Your Car

What are the problems and the level of damage floods can wreak on your car? When rainy weather hits, drivers have to deal with all...

Sun In My Eyes

Driving in bright, dazzling conditions — be it day or night — can be a safety hazard as your vision is impeded. You may...

Car Cabin Pollution

As a driver, you’re spending a fair amount of time in the car, during which you may be breathing in polluted air without realising...

Choosing The Right Floor Mats

Car safety is more than just brakes and seat belts. This may come as a surprise for some of you, but your car’s floor...