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With border restrictions being lifted in many countries, it’s time to take your luggage out of storage. After a few years of disuse, don’t be surprised to find them falling apart. To get you travel-ready, we’ve rounded up sturdy pieces that also promise to turn heads.

Whether you plan to fly, drive or take the train, your suitcase should not be cause for worry. The last thing you want during your trip is to have the zip of your heavy luggage bursting open while rushing through an airport. Having good quality luggage will make for a more pleasant holiday. Here are some pieces that combine fashion with function.



Colour: Jaune Soleil

American Tourister’s Sunside luggage collection has been crafted with a mind on function and an eye on design. Embracing bright, fun pops of colour with a whimsical pattern that integrates grooves with horizontal lines on its exterior, Sunside’s surfer chic vibe should mesh well with fashionistas and the young-at-heart. It’s also accompanied by a bevy of nifty organisational features that include a multi-pocket divider and packing straps. A useful companion on both short and long trips. There are two check-in sizes: 68cm and 77cm, and they come in three colours, including the yellow (official name Jaune Soleil) one pictured. The Sunside collection also features a carry-on size of 55cm that comes in four colours.

Carry-on size $140; available at https://www.americantourister.com.sg/sunside/spinner-55/20-length%3D36cm-v1/at-132612-1041.html

Check-in sizes from $147; available at https://www.americantourister.com.sg/sunside/spinner-68/25-exp-v1/at-132613-1844.html


Colour: Midnight Marb
Colour: Milk Marble

The hardshell Astyll suitcases are as visually appealing as they are practical. These sleek bags come with Instagrammable Midnight Marble and Milk Marble prints that have made them a hit with fashion bloggers and influencers. Besides their good looks, the cases have well-organised, waterproof shell interiors with elasticised buckle straps (to keep everything in place during a flight) and an expandable zip fastening. A good choice for habitual overpackers who are also appearance-conscious. This set comes with a 22” piece that you can bring into the cabin, and 25” and 30” pieces that need to be checked in.

From about $160; available at


Colour: Electric Blue & Flash Coral
Colour: Cherry Red

This Paris-based brand’s bags are chic and trendy while standing the test of time. Lipault’s luggage draws colour inspiration from the City of Lights’ fashion runways. Its Originale Plume series bears this out with vibrant, on-trend shades. The bags’ shape, too, is elegant and sophisticated, with the shiny nylon twill exterior giving it a luxe look. Not just pretty to look at, the material is strong, durable and waterproof. Compact and feather-light, the softshell cases allow for easy storage. Perfect for fashion-forward globetrotters seeking statement-making luggage that also fulfils their packing needs. Available in three sizes: 55cm, 65cm and 72cm.

From $145; available at


Colour: Flamingo Red
Colour: Mango Orange

Rimowa’s bags are both durable and stylish. This German brand’s hard suitcases are made of either polycarbonate and aluminium, which are said to render them virtually indestructible. Marked by Rimowa’s easily recognisable signature grooves, the Essential range is made of polycarbonate and is available in 11 hues — among which are Flamingo Red and Mango Orange — and two finishes, gloss and matte. Feel free to flash your inner diva as you ditch boring black for eye-popping colours you’ll have no problem spotting on the baggage carousel. The Essential series comes in various sizes to suit your needs, ranging from Cabin S to Trunk Plus.

From $1,040; available at


Bric’s is an Italian luggage label that marries image with functionality. Its modern and elegant Ulisse collection of expandable spinners is available in three sizes (carry-on, 28” and 30”) and six hues: Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Pearl Pink, Dove Grey, Mango and Black. The collection comes with a creative design on the front and back of the case that is inspired by how urban paths intersect. The suitcases are made of polypropylene, a strong yet lightweight material that is long-lasting and resistant to shocks and scratches. The interior’s two compartments — fully lined with a printed material — come with a zipper and mesh pocket for one and a stretchable strap to hold belongings in place for the other. There’s also a pocket for smaller accessories and a shoe/laundry bag — in short, everything you would need for a fuss-free trip.

From about $242; available at