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Jewel: Parking Tips

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Going to Jewel? Highway offers some parking tips so you can maximise your time in this nature-themed lifestyle destination.

If you are a regular air traveller, you should know that Changi Airport is made up of four terminals. And if you drive, you should also know that each terminal has its own car park. What isn’t as well known is that there is a fifth car park — this is the open-air one between Terminal 2 and JetQuay, known as South Car Park.

So where should you park your vehicle if you wish to drive to spend some time at Jewel? The answer depends on the time of day you visit, and how long you intend to wander the cavernous building, with its dramatic waterfall and terraced greenery. 

Tip 1

Plan your visit beforehand and decide if you are going to stay for under or over 1.5 hours.

If this is your first time to Jewel, you are likely to stay longer than 1.5 hours, as you would be happily distracted by the endless array of retail, dining and entertainment options. In this case, the General Parking area in Basement 3–5 is the safer — and cheaper — bet, as parking fees are higher at Short-term Parking for stays beyond 1.5 hours.

Terminal 1/Jewel Car Park
Short-term Parking (B2M and B2)
– First 90mins: $0.04/min
– Subsequent blocks of 30mins or part thereof: $5
General Parking (B3–B5)
– $0.04/min


Tip 2

Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car? Every week, about six drivers approach a Changi Airport carpark staff member for help to find their cars!

Well, here’s a little nifty feature you can make use of when you park in Jewel. Just head on over to any of Jewel’s digital directories and you can look for your parked car using the Find My Car service! Find My Car is a fully automated camera-based car-finder system that has been installed in the Jewel car park.

Images courtesy of Changi Airport

How it works

The technology uses a Video-based Parking Guidance System (VPGS), the first of its kind in Singapore, which allows you to locate your vehicle by entering your car licence plate number into a touchscreen self-help kiosk. Using video analytics, it is able to identify licence plate numbers to tell you the exact location of your parked vehicle among the 2,000 parking lots available.

This is one smart feature that we wish all car parks would provide to save us being frustrated and embarrassed!

Tip 3

Consider parking at the other terminals during major events or when thick crowds are expected, or else you may end up circling the car park endlessly for a free lot. This was what happened when the Canopy Park opened in mid-June. Visit the Jewel website and its social media platforms to keep abreast of the latest news.

Terminal 2 Car Park 2A & 2B / Terminal 3 Car Park 3A & 3B / Terminal 4 Car Park 4A & 4B
– $0.04/min
South Car Park
– $0.035/min (capped at $35/24hrs)


Images courtesy of Changi Airport
Walking to Jewel from the Terminals
From Terminal 1
Jewel’s North Entrance is connected to the Arrival Hall, Level 1.
From Terminal 2
Jewel is a 5–10min walk via a link bridge from the Departure Hall, Level 2, near row 1.
From Terminal 3
Jewel is a 5–10min walk via a link bridge from the Departure Hall, Level 2, near row 11.
From Terminal 4
Take the complimentary bus service that plies between Terminal 2 and Terminal 4. Then follow instructions for Terminal 2.


Not driving? Here is how you can get to Jewel by public transport:

By Train
Take the East-West (Green) to Tanah Merah (EW4/CG) MRT Station. Then, transfer to the Airport-bound train to Changi Airport (CG2) MRT Station.

Alternatively, take the Downtown Line (Blue) to Expo (CG1/DT35) MRT Station. Then, transfer to the Airport-bound train to Changi Airport (CG2) MRT Station.

By Bus
Bus services that stop at the Terminal 1, 2 and 3 include 24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 110 and 858. Buses 24, 34, 36 and 110 also stop at Terminal 4.