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Female Driver Alert!

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While female intuition may be well and good, numerous traits that women drivers tend to display actually compromise the safety of all road users.

Women are often stereotyped as being worse at driving compared to men. Surveys show that this is not necessarily true. However, some women drivers do display habits that may compromise safety on the roads.

Driving With High Heels 
Wearing high-heeled shoes — whether stilettos or platforms — while driving can be fraught with risks. This is because the heel of the foot needs to be on the floor to apply the correct pressure on the pedals . Having the heel of the driver’s foot resting on the car floor allows him or her to move from the accelerator to the brake pedal more quickly and easily, and to apply pressure evenly on the pedals. High heels, as the term implies, elevate your heel and distort the ability to measure how much pressure needs to be applied.

Apart from reduced grip, the heel of the shoe could also get caught in the carpet or floor mat, reducing the ability to react swiftly when needing to brake or accelerate quickly. If you are fond of stiletto or platform shoes, you are well advised to keep and switch to a pair of flats in the car to ensure safe driving.Applying Makeup 
It is quite common to see female drivers applying makeup at traffic lights. This is understandable, as many ladies often have to take care of the family and thus may not have the time to put on makeup before leaving for work. However, as driving is a task that requires full concentration, it’s best not to apply any makeup while you’re behind the wheel. Ladies, put on your game face only after you have parked.Cluttering The Dashboard 
Women drivers who like plush toys tend to display their collection in the car. While this can lend a personal touch to the vehicle, it can also block visibility if too many are piled up on the dashboard, getting in the way of safety.

Tending To The Baby 
If you are a mum who drives with your baby in the backseat, you may be tempted to turn around and soothe the little one with every cry, but this can be risky. Never take your eyes off the road, no matter how troubled the baby appears to be. Turn on some music to calm the baby down; if it sounds serious, pull over and tend to your baby.

Poorer Spatial Ability
Some experts are of the opinion that, due to their poorer spatial awareness, female drivers are more hesitant with manoeuvres that require estimation of space and distance, such as entering and passing a junction, overtaking, and parking. This could lead to accidents, especially at junctions. Indeed, another study claims that car accidents involving female drivers show that women were often “t-boned” on the driver’s side while trying to make a left turn, or hit on the passenger side while trying to turn right.

If you are a female reader, don’t let these points faze you! Generally, surveys show that women are more careful behind the wheel and tend to get into less dangerous accidents compared to men. Being focused and driving more frequently should give you greater confidence on the road.