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Car Talk

What are Brake Calipers?

How do they help your car to slow down? In the event you need to suddenly stop your car, your car’s brakes could be the...

Car Acronyms 101

Can’t tell your ABS from your EBD? Acronyms are part of the automotive language — here are seven that every driver needs to know. ABS...

All About Camshafts

Learn a little more about engine camshafts and how they affect your car’s performance. The camshaft is an important part of your car’s engine. As it...

Fresh Starters

You’ve passed your driving test — congratulations! If you’re in the market for your very first car, here are four to consider. They all...

Fluids and Liquids

Petrol isn’t the only fluid that drives your car. Learn how other liquids, such as engine oil and radiator coolant, keep the different parts...

Regain Control with ESC and ABS

Understand how features such as Electronic Stability Control and Anti-lock Braking System work to keep you safe on the roads. Whether you are buying or...

Modern Family

These four latest models boast tech features that push the boundaries from the norm. MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE CROSS: ACTIVE STABILITY CONTROL True to its name, the...

Turn The Wheels For A Smooth Ride

Regular tyre rotation and balancing are important to ensure a smoother and safer ride. Just like our shoes, tyres keep our vehicles in contact with...

Keeping The Distance

Anti-collision features in today’s cars can mean all the difference in avoiding fender-benders. Here are three cars that boast this high-tech safety feature.   VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN...

Dashboard Warning Lights

Do you know what these symbols mean when they light up while you are driving? Here’s a guide to the more common ones. Engine Temperature...

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