Walnut Blasting

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Walnut shell blasting can bring new life to your car by eliminating carbon deposit buildup.

To meet stringent Euro emission standards in the last decade or so, European car manufacturers turned to engines with direct fuel injection. Commonly known as gasoline direct injection (GDI), these engines have fuel directly injected into the combustion chamber, producing more power and better fuel efficiency than an equivalent port fuel-injected engine. However, the design of the system allows a small level of carbon blowback residue, which builds up over time.

At GG Autolodge, diagnostic checks are done before each process.

Carbon buildup affects the intake valves of the engine and interferes with your car’s normal combustion. The buildup coats the inside of your engine — including the intake valves, combustion chambers and exhaust — and literally chokes your car, preventing it from performing efficiently and to its maximum potential. When carbon builds up, your car’s fuel economy suffers, and it will start to show symptoms, such as a loss of power or startup issues; you may also experience random engine misfire or unpleasant knocking sounds. These issues are your car’s way of telling you that it is in bad shape.

There are a few ways to deal with carbon buildup. For GDI cars, walnut blasting is the way to go. Recognised and approved by numerous reputable car brands, including Volkswagen AG and Audi, this method is highly recommended for its economic yet efficient process to bring power, performance and fuel economy back to your trusty ride.

The process is a non-corrosive and environmentally friendly way of removing carbon buildup without the use of harmful chemicals. During the process, the engine intake manifold is removed and the intake valves are blasted with finely crushed walnut shells and highly compressed air. You don’t have to worry about any damage to your engine parts as the blasting is gentle enough to maintain the integrity of engine parts — even those on older car models.

Walnut blasting is recommended for both petrol and diesel GDI cars, regardless of make and model, with more than 30,000km of mileage. Depending on your driving style and your daily route and traffic conditions, have your car serviced every 30,000km–40,000km thereafter. The process usually takes about four to six hours depending, on the car make and model.

A pioneer in triple carbon cleaning in Singapore, GG Autolodge offers Walnut Carbon Blasting as one of their services (see box story for details).

Taking pride in their experience and technical expertise, GG Autolodge offers either Walnut Carbon Blasting or Hydrogen Carbon Blasting, depending on your car’s engine type. Stage one of the service involves cleaning the fuel injector and throttle body, and the service is priced from $450–$850, depending on the make and model of the car. Stage two involves cleaning the catalytic converter, and is priced from $88–$108. Customers are always given a full rundown of costs and what to expect before they commit to each service. All prices are nett as GG Autolodge does not charge GST.

GG Autolodge Director, Dave Naidu, says his customers are constantly wowed by the difference carbon cleaning services like the Walnut Carbon Blasting process make to their car’s performance and fuel efficiency. Testament to his workshop’s reputation is the fact that even other car workshops recommend GG Autolodge to their customers when it comes to carbon cleaning services.

Listen to what customers have to say about their GG Autolodge experience:

Dave and his team were very professional and patient in explaining the process. I did a walnut blast and could feel and hear the difference.

Yichao Teoh

Power delivery feels smoother on acceleration, and fuel consumption will improve as I throttle a little lesser than before to get the car going. Highly recommended.


From May–December 2021, GG Autolodge is offering AA Members their stage two carbon cleaning service (worth at least $88) for FREE when they sign up for their stage one service.

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