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Your Grandfather’s Road?

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As conscientious road users, none of us should display an entitled mentality, even if the road is named after our grandfather! While jostling for space on the roads, cyclists and motorists have to learn to share the roads harmoniously.

In the next decade, cyclists here will enjoy an expanded cycling network, from 440km to almost 1,300km. Whether that translates to more people taking up cycling remains to be seen; if it does happen, motorists must be mentally prepared for it. Confrontations and incidents involving motorists and cyclists here and abroad show a lack of understanding and tolerance from both parties.

To reduce tensions on the roads, both motorists and cyclists need to understand and acknowledge each other’s limitations and ability. Here are some courteous and thoughtful driving behaviour that can help motorists and cyclists co-exist harmoniously on our roads.

Follow The Rules

Show ConsiderationSafe Driving Workshop
AA Singapore’s training arm, AAS Academy, runs a range of workshops, one of which deals with the topic at hand. The instructors, who have all been certified by International Road Transport Union (IRU) and/or Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), will help you to:

  • understand the key areas of driving risks
  • gain essential skills to mitigate these risks
  • learn to recognise and handle potential road hazards

This three-hour workshop is suitable for all classes of drivers, so call 6333 8811 or email academy@aas.com.sg to reserve a slot for the next session now! 

2 Kung Chong Road
AA Centre
Singapore 159140

Check our schedule here

$100 (excludes GST) / person