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Workshops & Warranties

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Motorists here may still think they will be penalised if they do not use car workshops recommended by their car dealers. But, since December 2017, these restrictions have been lifted, according to the Competition & Consumer Commission Singapore.

Owning a car in Singapore is an expensive affair. Keeping it in tip-top shape to make sure it operates smoothly helps us avoid expensive repairs. It is no surprise, then, that a major consideration of car purchases here, is the warranty that car dealers offer. The car warranty provides car owners with financial peace of mind over any mechanical breakdowns and failures brought about by part defects and even normal wear and tear. However, it does not cover damages to the car caused by the owner’s negligence.

Servicing and replacing car parts due to wear and tear are still payable, and car buyers are always on the lookout for good value for the money they dish out. And those looking at alternatives to their dealer’s authorised workshops are always griping about that unfair warranty condition that requires them to service or repair their cars exclusively at workshops appointed and authorised by the car dealers; not doing so will result in the warranty being voided.The good news is that the particular warranty restriction condition is now a thing of the past! The Competition & Consumer Commission Singapore (CCCS), back in December 2017, was concerned about this particular warranty restriction, which prevented customers from servicing or repairing their cars at independent workshops; hence, the CCCS worked with major car dealers to remove that restriction from their warranties. The restriction was seen to be curbing the competition by preventing customers from turning to these independent workshops.

Car manufacturers and car dealers are also known to withhold essential technical information, equipment and diagnostic tools from independent workshops. This has, however, not prevented such workshops from sourcing from viable alternatives, such as access to third-party equipment suppliers and technical knowledge that imbue them with the competence car owners are looking for.

Now, car owners have the option to look for their preferred car workshops once their car’s free servicing period is over. This is indeed good news, as car owners can now compare not only pricing for their servicing needs but also the level of service and expertise each offers. The onus is on workshops — authorised or otherwise — to up their game and provide customers with good and value-added services to compete fairly. So make sure you find a workshop that uses genuine car parts, and has a good track record for servicing and repairing your particular car make and model.


Readers of Highway can have access to a list of AA-approved car workshops by clicking the following link: https://aa-highway.com.sg/directory/

What’s more, if you’re an AA Singapore Member, you are entitled to certain privileges at some of these workshops.