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Work Better From Home

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On the lookout for a suitable desktop monitor that provides a seamless visual experience? Check out PRISM+’s U270 Pro monitor.

Working from home has become par for the course since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some people are returning to the office, many are continuing to work from home. If you’re one of them, you’d know by now that being hunched over a laptop for eight hours or more a day can give rise to cricks in the neck and shoulder aches. Getting a computer monitor that provides visual acuity and comfort will do a lot to stave off back problems that arise from poor posture and eye strain.

PRISM+’s U270 Pro monitor contains features that will enable you to become more productive while working comfortably. A local company that produces monitors and smart TVs, PRISM+’s U270 Pro monitor is the latest in its line of Productivity Flat monitors.

One of the highlights of this monitor is its highly adjustable stand. Unlike PRISM+’s earlier range of monitor stands, which came with a V-shaped base, this has a flatter rectangular base, which allows you to make adjustments in four directions: tilt, swivel, adjust the height of the monitor, and even rotate it to the desired viewing position without the need of a monitor arm.

Its height adjustment ranges from 6.5cm off the table at its lowest to 20cm off the table at its highest, which is high enough to maintain an ergonomic viewing angle.

You can rotate the monitor up to 90 degrees clockwise. This allows you to achieve a portrait orientation, which makes it convenient for those who often need to scroll down lengthy documents.

The U270 PRO features a QHD display with a refresh rate of 75Hz. Having a QHD display means you get more screen real estate, which will help improve productivity. The 75Hz refresh rate also feels smoother than the typical 60Hz on a monitor.

The monitor is equipped with IPS panels, which provide excellent viewing angles. Colours remain consistent, even when viewed from the sides. Furthermore, the images are vibrant, detailed and have good contrast.

The U270 PRO also features low blue light and flicker-free technologies that not only reduce eye strain, but also minimise fatigue from long hours of usage, providing users who spend hours at the desk with great comfort.

Apart from being functional, the monitor’s sleek design transforms any setup into a professional workstation. Its angled edges and thin bezels perfectly complement modern interiors.

In addition, its slim form makes it a good fit for smaller spaces. If you need — or desire — to use multiple monitors, its easily accessible 100x100mm VESA mount allows you to do so conveniently.

For the full details as well as product reviews, check out www.prismplus.sg/aas

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