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What Women Want

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What do women look for when they are in the market for a car?

It probably comes as no surprise that men and women don’t necessarily see eye to eye, particularly when it comes to purchasing a car. A man’s dream machine tends to be one of those supercars; women veer towards automobiles that are safe, spacious, yet affordable.

While some may blame this divide on the gender gap in income, the different preferences can also be generalised this way: men tend to consider a car as a status symbol, whereas, for women, a car is a means of transport that gets them from point A to point B.

Women car buyers usually look for options such as park assist, clear lighting for petrol, easy access, and integrated systems for mobile devices and entertainment. They are also likely to show a preference for cars with advanced systems, such as autonomous driving, digital assistants, and other wellness features.Safety Features 
Research shows that safety is a top priority among women car buyers. Among these, the attributes they look for are: rear visibility, front visibility, remote outside mirrors, and side airbags.

Ergonomic Seating 
When ladies shop for a fresh set of wheels, they pay attention to practical considerations, such as comfortable seats. So cars with plush leather seats are likely to hit the spot!Storage Space 
Storage, too, is highly valued among female car buyers — be it room for groceries, handbags, or children’s toys. Women would especially welcome a separate compartment to stow their handbag. Check out this Twitter post by actress Rashida Jones: “Note to ALL people who design cars: STOP IGNORING WOMEN’S PURSES AND GIVE US A PLACE TO PUT THEM THAT’S NOT OUR PASSENGER’S LAP.” A lady’s handbag is where she keeps all her essentials; having a convenient space to store it means she doesn’t have to chuck it in the back seat, on the car floor — where it can get dirty or stepped on — or, as Jones put it, dump it on her passenger’s lap. Many cars have pockets on the inside surface, but these tend to be limited in size and are only good for storing a tablet, folding umbrella or water bottle, and certainly not deep enough for a handbag.

Gender-friendly Design 
With the increase in the number of female car buyers, several car manufacturers have been designing cars with this demographic in mind. They have been paying attention to details such as fabric, colour and trim, and designing seats with petite women in mind. One feature many female drivers would also appreciate is heel-safe pedals. Ladies tend to leave a pair of flats in their car that they can switch to from their stilettos when they take to the wheel. Heel-safe pedals would help negate the need for such standby footwear. Killer heels may not be good for ladies’ posture, but these specially designed pedals would at least make them safe to drive in. Car manufacturers would do well to pay attention to this growing need.

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