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Unleash Your Inner Artist

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Facing a creative slump? Here are some tips and tricks you can adopt to keep your innovation muscles strong and ready to go!

Creative blocks are something most of us face from time to time. The global pandemic has not helped the situation, as it has left many feeling anxious, foggy-headed, and unmotivated. Here are some ways to get those creative juices flowing.

First, tidy up your surroundings for clarity of mind. Organising your space is an important step to improve your creativity. You can start by using Post-it® flags and Post-it® tabs to label and organise your items. As your space gets cleaned up, your mind will declutter as well.

Put your thoughts into pictures. Even if you think you can’t draw, you can at least doodle — even simple doodling can activate the creative parts of your brain. You could also build your idea using Legos, modelling clay, or Play-doh.

If you struggle with brainstorming effectively, set yourself a deadline. Constraints often force us to source and put together different information to generate new and creative ideas. Give yourself 10 minutes to jot down as many approaches to a project as possible. If you come up with a direction you like, take another 10 minutes to build on it, and repeat as much as you want until you feel satisfied by the results.

Brainstorming tools could help as well. For instance, the free Post-it® App allows you to instantly capture and share notes with your team without recaps or delays. With the app’s Brainstorm Session feature, you can brainstorm ideas, capture notes, and organise them on a shared board in real-time. These ideas can then be exported into different formats for sorting and refining.

Researchers hypothesise that creativity is enhanced through physical activity because of increased blood flow to the brain. Want to boost your creativity? It may be time to get active.

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