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Unique Destinations To Visit Post-Covid

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What’s the first place you’d like to visit once travel resumes after we get over the COVID-19 pandemic? We suggest somewhere off the beaten track.

Let’s face it: Singapore is a tiny country, so it’s not surprising that we feel the need to head overseas for some R&R once in a while. However, COVID-19 has forced us to all put all travel plans on the backburner. If you’re suffering from cabin fever — the type brought on by lack of air miles, not that virus! — we suggest cooling it down by reading up on places to visit when borders reopen.

Here are some interesting destinations that you may wish to add to your bucket list:Swim Among Jellyfish In Palau 
Located in a remote corner of the South Pacific Ocean, Palau is a tropical paradise practically untouched by the outside world. If you have been in need of a tropical getaway, Palau has it all and more! Its most fascinating attraction is Jellyfish Lake. This ancient lagoon lies in Eli Malk island, a 45-minute boat ride from the city of Koror. Every day, millions of Golden Jellyfish migrate across this lake. Because they have evolved without their stingers, you can actually swim among them!Dog Sled In Greenland 
If you’re looking to escape the Singapore heat, visit Greenland for an arctic adventure. See the magnificent Ilulisssat Icefjord, a collection of huge icebergs, and witness the vast ice sheet in person. To experience the Arctic in a more authentic way, hop on a dog sled and feel the exhilaration of being pulled through the snow. As a traditional means of transportation, dog sledding is a big part of Inuit culture in Greenland. Feel closer to both the country’s nature and culture as you explore the icy landscape from a dog sled.Live Like A Nomad In Mongolia 
Leave modern life behind and experience what living off the land is like. With its wild and rugged landscape, Mongolia offers a unique nomadic experience to visitors. Known as the home of Genghis Khan, Mongolia is where you can relive the legend as you traverse the vast countryside by horseback. For an authentic experience, stay with local families and sleep in a yurt, a traditional circular tent of felt or skins on a collapsible framework, as you travel across vast mountains and plains — just like the nomadic inhabitants.Spend A Night In A Lighthouse In Ireland 
Drive far away from the city as you head towards the west coast of Ireland. From Roonagh Pier, it’s just a 25-minute ferry ride to Clare Island, which was once the stronghold of Ireland’s famous Pirate Queen, Grace O’Malley. After a visit to her castle at the harbour, head to the northernmost tip of the island, where Clare Island Lighthouse is perched atop a dramatic cliff overlooking the sea. Originally built in 1806, it was decommissioned in 1965, and later converted into a hotel where you can now spend the night in peaceful solitude.

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