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Check out these smart luggage options for the modern traveller.

Everything’s getter smarter these days, from our phones to our cars to our TVs. Now, you can travel smarter, too.Gone are the days when we look for luggage based merely on size, capacity, material and colour. These days, luggage options include those that come equipped GPS trackers, battery packs to charge your devices, weighing scales (so you don’t overpack) and remote lock mechanisms. Technology is so ingrained in our lives that we can’t seem to avoid or ignore its influence and convenience. Here are some smart luggage ideas that could make your next trip a breeze.

IKII 1.0
This relatively new brand has some neat features that will definitely make travel a breeze. The IKII app syncs with smartphones, so you can easily lock or unlock your luggage with a simple tap of your phone. The Smart Alert feature on the app will also alert you when your luggage travels beyond the distance you’ve set on the app — great for absent-minded or easily distracted travelers.

And for those who worry about going over the check-in weight limit, the built-in scale is heaven-sent. To make your travel go even more smoothly, the IKII is decked out with ultra-smooth Japanese Hinomoto 360 spinner wheels, which will glide along effortlessly.

Shop online at www.ikiitravel.com or visit the shop at 33 Ubi Ave 3, Tower B #08-09 Vertex.

Samsonite EVOA Tech
Samsonite’s Tech version of their popular line of EVOA luggage leverages on digital advances to cater to tech-savvy travellers. Complementing the three-digit combination lock (with TSA override) is a fingerprint scanner that is able to record up to 10 separate fingerprints, a feature that offers secure yet flexible access to your luggage. There is also a protective sliding cover that protects the scanning pad from damage. An embedded USB port that sits alongside the lock panel is connected via a cable to an inside pocket that can house your own portable power bank. The side handle has an in-built digital scale to avoid running foul of luggage weight limits.

Fitted with a Bluetooth tracker called Seekit, the EVOA Tech not only lets you know when your luggage is separated from you, it also has a proximity guidance that will lead you to your bag. Pressing the button on the tracker three times lets three of your contacts receive updates on your GPS location in times of emergencies.

Get yours at Samsonite stores island-wide, or shop online with free local delivery at www.samsonite.com.sg

Delsey Pluggage
The Delsey Pluggage may just be the epitome of ‘smart’ luggage. It comes with a removable GPS tracker with worldwide geolocation. An integrated scale allows you to weigh it to ensure it is within the airline’s weight regulations. For charging devices, a USB port is conveniently located on the side; for security, it has a digital fingerprint locking system, which can recognise up to 30 different prints if family or friends need access.

Available at the official Delsey Paris store at #02-403 Suntec City West Wing. If you prefer to shop online, visit https://shop.delsey.com/collections/pluggage

AirBolt Smart Travel Lock
The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock is one of the smartest travel locks in the market now. It has simple, easy-to-use features that make it stress-free to use. This award-winning product allows access from your smartphone, so you can control access, track it and easily share it with friends and family remotely.

With advanced security encryption, it keeps your valuables safe from cybercriminals. There’s also a manual backup button code that allows you phone-less access — just set the sequence of left and right buttons to code it for later access.

You can get this product at the AA Shop, where members are entitled to a special price of $99 (it’s priced at $128 for non-members).