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TLC for Windshield Wipers

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Windshield wipers may not be at the top of your mind when servicing a car. But because they affect visibility, they play an important role in safe driving. Here’s how to treat them with care.

When was the last time you noticed your windshield wipers? Was it the last time it rained? Or when you had to lift it to remove that dreaded ticket from the traffic police?

Windshield wipers play a crucial role in safety, as they ensure that drivers get a clear view of the road. When caught in a downpour, they are vital for clearing your windshield and improving visibility. If they are damaged or cracked, they will not work effectively and can scratch your windshield glass and damage to the glass.

Your wipers have a strip of rubber at the bottom that cleans the windshield. When the wipers produce a squeaking sound or streaks along the windshield, it often means the rubber lining is damaged. It also means the wipers will not be cleaning the windshield effectively, which compromises visibility. When any of these signs appear, change your wipers as soon as possible.

Follow these tips for optimum performance from your wipers.

Clean and check your wipers

When you are cleaning your car, make sure you clean your blades too. Simply run a wet towel along the edge of the blade to remove dust, dirt and grime build-up. Inspect the blades for areas that look rigid, uneven or worn. Don’t wait until you turn them on to discover that the rubber is peeling away. Check the frame; if you see rust or corrosion on the ends, slight separation of the blades from the frame, or cracks and tears on the rubber lining, it is time for a replacement.

Treat your windshield with a water repellent

Apply water repellent to your windshield to repel water and make it easier for your blades to wipe it away. Remember to apply the repellent only when your windshield is dry, and reapply once every few months.

Check your washer system

Ensure that you have the optimum amount of washer fluid to help the wiper clean the windshield effectively.

Change your wipers regularly

Singapore’s heat and humidity often cause the rubber on the wiper blades to deteriorate more quickly. Heavy downpours and torrential thunderstorms also lead to shorter lifespan of wiper blades here. When you send your car forroutine servicing, get the windshield wipers checked to see if they need to be repaired or replaced. It is recommended that you replace your wipers about once every six months to a year. This will ensure that your wipers are ready to use when needed and prevent damage to your windshield.