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Tiktok, What’s For Dinner?

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In the wild world of TikTok, trends come and go. But when it comes to food trends propelled into the limelight by the social media platform, some are surprisingly palatable and easy to execute. Here are six TikTok-famous recipes to try.

Dalgona Coffee

Dubbed as ‘quarantine coffee’ due to its fame during the height of social distancing in South Korea, where the drink’s popularity exploded and spread to the rest of the world, Dalgona Coffee is simply a mix of instant coffee and sugar whipped into a frothy creme. The origins of its name remain disputed, but it is widely agreed that it is inspired by the Dalgona candy, a Korean candy that it resembles.

Making Dalgona Coffee is incredibly easy: Add two tablespoons of hot water to two tablespoons of instant coffee and two tablespoons of sugar. Whisk until it starts taking on a whipped cream texture – and it’s done! Pour the mixture over milk and ice and you’re good to go.


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Baked Feta Pasta

Many TikTok food trends champion easy-to-cook dishes that are both healthy and delicious, and this baked feta pasta is one of them. Common ingredients – olive oil, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and garlic – are baked at 200°C for 45 minutes, turning it into a creamy, savoury sauce that is then served with pasta. So easy to make, and so little to clean up!


Baked feta pasta with cherry tomatoes!! Recipe on blog • Inspired by @grilledcheesesocial 😘 #tiktokpartner #LearnOnTikTok #fetapasta #recipes

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Chilli Oil Egg

Chilli Oil (especially those from the Lao Gan Ma brand) is the gift that keeps on giving. As a condiment, it adds a spicy touch to every meal, and in this TikTok-famous recipe, it elevates the humble egg, as a true-blue TikToker would say, to “God-Tier”.

It’s not so much of a recipe as it is a method. Fry a dollop of chilli oil until it sizzles, then crack eggs into it and let it cook for a few minutes. Serve over hot white rice and a sprinkling of chopped spring onions – a simple but comforting meal, courtesy of TikTok!


Chili Oil Eggs. I apologize for my pronunciation of “Lao Gan Ma”. #chilioil #egg #eggs

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Mini Pancake Cereal

More of a great idea than a recipe, the Mini Pancake Cereal is just pancakes in miniature form, where pancake batter is piped from a pastry bag and cooked in a pan. The mini pancakes are then served like cereal – with milk!

A similar trend to try would be Mini Cookie Cereal, where – you’ve guessed it – the cookie dough is formed into miniatures and baked, and served with milk.


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Lemon Posset

A posset is cream curdled by an acid, and in the case of lemon posset, it is set by lemon juice. A simple but elegant dessert, whipping cream and sugar is gently heated and stirred until the sugar has melted. The pot is removed from heat, and lemon juice and zest are added. Pour the mixture into hollowed lemon halves and refrigerate. After a few hours, you’ll have a creamy and citrusy treat that took no time at all to make!


Lemon posset (serves 6) This recipe makes enough to fill 3 pretty large lemons (6 hollowed out lemon halved). I added about 2-3 tbsp to each lemon half but you can make this in small jars or ramekins. The portions are pretty small but it’s quite sweet and sour. If you’re using lemons as the serving cups, try using large lemons. Also, I think using a small spoon works best when hollowing out lemons!! The recipe is based on the lemon posset recipe by bbc good food and is inspired by @aromecassis Ingredients 200 g heavy cream (i used 37%) 75 g sugar (you can reduce it to 50 g if you’d like a less sweet dessert) 25-30 g lemon juice (i used the juice of 1,5 pretty dry lemons) 1/2 tbsp lemon zest 1 tsp vanilla Method 1)Add the heavy cream, sugar and lemon zest to a pot. Let it come to a slight simmer and let it simmer for 3-4 minutes. Makes sure it never boils, just simmmers. The color of the heavy cream will darken and it will become a bit thicker. 2)Remove from heat and add the lemon juice and vanilla and mix around. You’ll see it thicken immediately. 3)Run the mixture through a sieve to remove the lemon zest. 4)Let it chill for a minute or two. Fill your hollowed out lemons or ramekins and let it set in the fridge for 1-2 hours. #lemon #lemondessert #easydessert #fruit #italian #lemons #fyp #foryou #fypシ

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Cloud Bread

Is it marshmallow? Is it bread? Cloud bread is neither; it is just a close relative of meringue, with cornstarch giving it some structure. Nevertheless, it is still fun to make – start by whipping egg whites and sugar into a shaving cream consistency before sifting cornstarch in, then whipping into stiff peaks. Form the mixture into billowy clouds and bake at a low temperature until it turns golden.

Cloud bread won’t satiate you like bread does, but you might like it for its melt-in-the-mouth texture and its fleeting sweetness.