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The Power of Music

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Music is not just for entertainment. Not only does it promote bonds among like-minded people, there are studies that prove it reduces stress.

Just as food provides our bodies with energy and vitality, music motivates and energises us, providing food for the soul.

The language of music is universal. Just recall how many times you have heard songs in a foreign language and were mesmerised despite not understanding the lyrics. Our brains are wired so that we react to music regardless of age, language or culture. Don’t be surprised to suddenly realise that you’ve been unconsciously bopping to the beat of some tune from the radio.

Reduces stress levels
In our lives, with the daily stress of work and family, we need an extra lift to see us through a tough day at the office and an outlet to deal with the rigours of raising a family. Music can help shift our moods and manage our stress levels.

Some of us suffer from irregular sleep patterns, while others have insomnia. These conditions add to our stress levels. Listening to music before we go to bed, especially soft and light classical music, can aid us to sleep better and feel refreshed the next day.

The mood we are in can affect our daily lives — whether we are commuters or drivers. Getting better sleep and feeling refreshed makes for alert — and therefore safer — drivers.

The idea that music can “soothe the savage breast” is best demonstrated in a study where it was found that stress associated with driving can be reduced by listening to classical or instrumental music. Drivers during rush hour traffic tend to behave favourably to road conditions when listening to music; their stress levels were more satisfactory than without music.

Makes travelling more fun
If you are on a driving holiday with the family in tow, a good range of music will be beneficial for both the driver and the little ones. Lullabies, particularly, are soothing for infants and will calm them down on trips. For older kids, educational music tunes are a good choice, and those with poems and rhymes will keep them happy and occupied. Music helps to keep the mood light and make the trip a lot less stressful; it’s certainly preferable to watching videos. Travel sickness, too, can be alleviated with music.

The energy of music brings people together; it binds like no other form of entertainment. Going to a concert bonds people across cultures, united in their singular love for the music of their idol(s). This improves social relationships, leading to happier lives. If you haven’t been to a concert, try it and it may change your life — or at least make it better. Sharing this joy with others adds to a sense of togetherness. No wonder music is considered therapy — food for the soul indeed!