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The Long Drive Home

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Highway catches a sneak peek of the pre-trip briefing for the 92-day AUTOVENTURETM London-to-Singapore Expedition Drive happening this August.

Driving from London to Singapore is no small feat. But AA Singapore has organised it, and the 92-day trip is one of its AUTOVENTURETM packages.

Officially known as the AA Singapore 92-day AUTOVENTURETM London-Singapore Expedition Drive 2019, this trip is not only the first London-to-Singapore drive that AA Singapore has organised, it is also the longest-ever expedition.

16 cars were shipped to London for the drive.

AA Singapore is embarking on this ambitious adventure this year as 2019 marks modern Singapore’s Bicentennial, and also in support of the SG-UK Partnership for the Future. This partnership aims to broaden and deepen the already significant ties between the two countries.

Traditionally, these AUTOVENTURETM drives begin their journey from Singapore towards their intended destinations. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival, which led to the establishment of modern Singapore, the 92-day drive is specially planned to flag off from London — the first time an AUTOVENTURETM convoy will be flagging off overseas. Months of hard work and preparation went into the planning of this trip, and participants are all excited and raring to go.

Mr Lee Wai Mun, Chief Executive Officer, welcomed the group to the pre-trip briefing.

A pre-trip briefing was organised on 20 June 2019 to familiarise participants with the trip details and share the necessary information needed for them to better prepare for the drive. A total of 31 participants will be travelling in a convoy of 16 cars. Naturally, one item on the briefing agenda included expected behaviour when driving in a convoy. The Expedition Leader also shared safety tips for the drivers when navigating across the various terrains, altitudes and weather patterns.

Expedition Leader, Mr Teoh Boon Cheng, going through the itinerary for the trip.

The mapped-out route begins in the UK, and will span across Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. The participants got to preview the key locations of each of the 15 nations that they will drive through, and learnt a little of each nation’s culture, climate and driving habits.

The participating cars were shipped on 28 June 2019, and are expected to reach London by late July. Prior to the drive, participants will gather to celebrate Singapore’s National Day in London on 9 August 2019. They will be flagged off for their extended road trip the next day, beginning their journey from Intercontinental London – The O2.

On the road
Here’s how many days the convoy is expected to spend in each of the 15 countries:

Stay tuned for updates on how the convoy is progressing on this long drive.
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