The Future Is Here!

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Robots and other smart features are beginning to crop up in hotels around the world. When international air travel resumes post-COVID-19, be prepared to be served by non-humans the next time you enter a hotel!

With advancements in technology, many tech-savvy guests now expect hotels to deliver the latest in digital innovation. A number of hotels have upped their game by using robots and other developments to wow guests and free up their staff for other duties. The next time you book into a hotel, don’t be surprised if you’re served by robot butlers, bellhops and concierges.


Unsurprisingly, one of the most futuristic hotels in the world is situated in tech-advanced Japan. Henn Na Hotel relies heavily on robotics. Upon checking in, you are greeted by a human-like robot and a velociraptor receptionist, both of which can converse in basic English or Japanese. When you reach your room, gaining entry is as easy as showing your face! Yes, unlocking the door is carried out using facial recognition. In the room, there’s a miniature robot personal assistant named Churi-san that controls the heating and lighting, tells the weather and more.


This capsule-style property boasts a luggage-carrying robot, fondly called Yobot, which is able to handle as many as 300 pieces of luggage a day. This means you can check in without fuss, and have as little contact with other humans as you wish — perfect for that post-pandemic holiday. The hotel refers to its front desk as ‘mission control’, and has an electronic check-in system. It also provides motorised beds and motion-activated air conditioning, all of which add up to a riveting guest experience.

You may be forgiven for thinking you’ve wandered onto the set of a sci-fi movie when you check into this space-themed hotel. After all, it is staffed almost entirely by robots, including doormen, waiters, and front desk attendants. All guest ‘rooms’ are designed to look like space capsules, with a pristine, clinical-looking interior.


Another hotel that has incorporated technologically advanced features is this boutique hotel in London. Just about everything in the rooms is controlled by keypads, from the music and lighting to the shower walls, which have an instant-frosting option. As an additional techie touch, each room comes with a personalised iPad that you can use to plan your trip.

Closer to home, Singapore is no laggard when it comes to practical applications of robotics. W Singapore has incorporated technology in various ways. While you won’t see a robot here, you’ll find other fascinating features, such as underwater speakers in the hotel pool, and an iPad in each private poolside cabana. Each of the 240 guest rooms can be unlocked with a smartphone or Apple Watch, and you can enjoy complimentary use of a smartphone with unlimited Wi-Fi and local calls. Its WOW Suite even has its own private DJ booth, in case you fancy holding a party. How’s that for an extra-special staycation?
Other than W Singapore, tray-return robots have also been deployed at a number of food courts… and remember the ‘dog’ patrolling Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park to ensure social distancing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?

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