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Thursday, April 25, 2024


Dear AA,

I would like to express my appreciation about the assistance rendered to us by Ms. BERNICE LEE.

Earlier last year, 4 other friends and myself embarked on a motorbike trip to India. Initially, we were unsure about the carnet application procedure, and hence, we called AA to enquire about the details and requirements.

Since then, we have been in touch with Ms. Bernice. She explained the details and documentation requirements to us and assisted to process our carnets for our trip promptly with high professionalism. Once the carnets were ready, she even organised a small briefing for the 5 of us on the Do’s and Dont’s with regard to carnet stamping.

Our trip were disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we had to leave our bikes back in India  due to the closure of  borders. This also resulted in the expiry of 3 of our carnets. However, Ms. Bernice was very understanding and accommodative towards the situation, and she managed to extend our carnets promptly for us. We really felt nobody else in her position would have assisted us to this extend.

Overall, she was very patient and helpful to all our requests and she was highly professional. We really appreciate her help and we wish her the best.

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