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Tech Gadgets For Kids

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From iPad games to robot toys, here are some gizmos to keep the young ones entertained and informed.

Today’s toys provide endless learning opportunities and interactive experiences for children. From iPad games to robot toys, here are some kid-aimed tech to keep the young ones fruitfully occupied.

OSMO LITTLE GENIUS STARTER KIT FOR IPADDesigned for pre-schoolers aged three to five, the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit consists of four different hands-on learning games: ABCs, Squiggle Magic, Costume Party, and Stories. The sets, which need to be played on an iPad, enable children to practise forming letters and words, as well as explore emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, creative imagination, and more.
$129.99; available at toysrus.com.sg

SPACE 4D+ FLASHCARDSThis educational game uses augmented reality to take players on a trip around the solar system, letting young ones learn as they go along. The cards work together with a mobile app that allows them to have a 3D view of celestial bodies and space vehicles. The app can be downloaded for free. Astronauts in the making can have a field day discovering planets, stars, asteroids and space shuttles. Suitable for children aged four and above.
$12; available at shopee.sg

BOTZEES ROBOTICS KITThis is a coding and robotics kit for children aged four and above. It’s a hands-on set that combines construction, coding and creativity, making it a great STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) toy option for kids interested in robotics. Children will pick up basic technology concepts and programming skills. The kit allows them to code six different pre-designed robots or programme their own. They can get the robot to dance, drum, light up, and more with the easy-to-use companion app. The robot also comes with 30 augmented reality puzzles for even more fun and learning. In the process, players get to practise problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they work out how to construct and programme their creations.
$88; available at shopee.sg

Consisting of over 840 pieces, this set from Lego Boost allows budding engineers to build one of five robots and then programme it via their phone or tablet to perform a range of
exciting activities. The game is an easy way for children to learn the basics of coding, engineering and robotics. They can choose between

  • Vernie the Robot, a moving, talking bot;
  • T.R.4, a robust, versatile rover with four different tool attachments, including a spring-loaded shooter;
  • Guitar4000, a musical instrument with pitch bend and sound effects;
  • Frankie the Cat, an interactive robot pet that plays, purrs and expresses its mood; or
  • AutoBuilder, an automated production line that builds miniature LEGO models.

Suitable for children aged seven and above.
$235.90; available at amazon.sg


littleBits are colour-coded, magnetic electronic components that children can connect to create a device. Designed for budding scientists aged eight and above, the game revolves around the Makey-Makey bit, a popular component for teaching kids about conductivity. The kit comes with instructions for eight inventions.
$45; available at amazon.sg

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