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Taking Back The Streets

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#This Is My Street is a global campaign that prioritises safe and healthy journeys for young people. AA Singapore organised a photo contest to support the initiative this year.

Each year, over 2 million young people are tragically killed or injured in road traffic. In Singapore, there were a total of 104 young people injured in traffic accidents in the first six months of 2019.

AA Singapore is an affiliated member of the Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA) and #This is My Street campaign was launched by the FIA Foundation. The campaign aims to promote a healthier environment and lessens the impact of road traffic on young people.

To support FIA in this year’s edition of the campaign, AA Singapore participated in a #thisismystreet campaign, from September to October 2020. As part of the campaign, participants had to design a message board using one of three slogans (This is my street / I have the right to use safe streets / I have the right to be heard), take a photo with their creation, and submit their photo. The participants could also take a creative shot with any of the provided message board designs and submit that photo. The aim of the photo contest was to encouraged participants to submit their artworks on their views of promoting a healthier road journey for the community.

The contest was divided into two categories: ages 7–18, and 19 and above.

The winning entries are currently displayed at the mini gallery at AA Centre. Also on display are pledge boards, on which AA Members and the public can sign their names to pledge support for the campaign.

In addition, 10 road safety posters were rolled out progressively on AA Singapore’s social media platforms to further raise awareness of the campaign.

As a responsible Association that supports drivers and owners of vehicles, AA Singapore continuously promotes safe driving among its Members, including to be on the lookout for pedestrians. At the same time, pedestrians should not be complacent, and must always be alert while using public roads.

To find out more about the global campaign #thisismystreet, please visit the website at www.mystreet.org.