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With time on their hands during the Circuit Breaker, entrepreneurial folks started to establish home-based businesses. Here are four that specialise in a range of delicious food, which can be ordered and delivered at the touch of a button!

It is no surprise that, in the midst of a global pandemic, Singaporeans turned to what they know best: food. From healthy desserts to traditional yam cakes, these businesses all operate from their humble home kitchens, and get the word out via social media. They all provide island-wide delivery for a fixed fee, with some offering self-collection as well.

HEARTLANDS SOURDOUGHOffering fresh, naturally leavened bread, Heartlands Sourdough draws inspiration from local flavours in their wide range of specialty bread. The Leonie Longan ($12) is filled with dried longan and red date, while the Binjai Blue Pea ($12) uses blue pea flower extract and pearl barley to add a local twist. A new cheesy addition to the menu is the Double Cheese Bomb ($26), which is stuffed with mature cheddar, Gouda and garlic butter. They also sell homemade Truffle Butter ($15) and Chendol Cream Cheese ($18) that pair wonderfully with their basic sourdough loaves ($8).


Noticing the absence of bakeries that catered to her diet, Jane Ng decided to start one herself. Keen Bakery sells dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free treats for people who underwent the same struggles Jane did, or who simply want a healthier option. The bakery offers a variety of Bundt cakes — from double chocolate ($30) to mini lemon and orange cakes ($18). Other sweet treats include quinoa cookies ($16), rose almond cookies ($16), and lemon madeleines ($8).


Madam Jiew Meng, 63, had already been selling her popular yam cakes before COVID-19 hit, but it was during the Circuit Breaker that she started using social media to drive the business. As the name implies, she uses her grandmother’s heirloom recipe, which has been passed down through the generations, and sources the freshest produce to make her yam cakes each day. Made with dried mushroom, dried shrimp, and minced pork, every bite packs a punch. They can be made vegetarian or without pork upon request. Available in 500g ($15), 1kg ($28) and 2kg ($50) servings, they go perfectly with a jar of Ah Ma’s Hae Bee Hiam Chilli ($10).

SUGURU HOME DINING When his HR agency was affected by COVID-19, Desmond Heng decided to start a Japanese home-dining experience in April 2020. Along with two ex-employees, he cooks from his home kitchen to create simple yetsophisticated dishes that hail from the Land of the Rising Sun. His menu features premium ingredients that bring a taste of Japan to your table. The Hokkaido scallops and uni that are served with a chilled truffle somen ($48) are imported from Toyosu Market in Tokyo. As a side, you can try the Hinata onsen egg with snow crab ($25), and end with the Warabi Mochi with Kutomitsu Black Sugar Syrup ($10) for dessert.

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