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Sleep By Engaging Your Senses

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Plagued by insomnia? Here are innovative sleep solutions that will transport you to slumber land in no time at all.

Are you getting at least eight hours of sleep a day? A study by Philips shows that Singaporeans are among the world’s worst sleepers, snoozing on average of 6.3 hours on weekdays and 6.7 hours on weekends.

Sleep is vital to our mental and physical well-being. It keeps us alert and helps restore and rejuvenate our bodies. It is especially important for drivers to get enough sleep as drowsy driving adversely affects our judgement, focus and reaction time.

To help you sleep better, appeal to your five senses with these innovative sleep solutions and products.

Set your sights on the right lighting
Playing around with lighting can change the mood of the bedroom. Warm or yellow light at the right wattage and angle can instantly turn your bedroom into an inviting sanctuary. Turn the lights away from your bed and towards the wall for a softly illuminating effect. Alternatively, install dimmers, which allow you to dial up or down the brightness of your bedroom — and reduce energy use with ease.

If you prefer total darkness, wear an eye mask with blackout material. Or go futuristic with the Dreamlight Pro, which blocks out 100% of outside light and uses light therapy to lull you to sleep. Available at dreamlight.tech.

Hear only the good stuff
If you like falling asleep to white noise or your favourite tunes, a Bluetooth pillow speaker may be just the thing for you. Being compact and flexible, it is a comfortable fit under the pillow covers for listening to your favourite podcast or music. Check out the Pyle PPSP18 Bluetooth Pillow Speaker, which is available on Amazon and ships to Singapore.

For keeping unwanted noise out, consider Bose’s Noise-masking Sleepbuds. Renown for its high-quality audio as well as noise-cancelling technology, Bose has created the ultimate sleep companion that looks like regular Bluetooth earbuds but fits snugly within your ear. It can even set an alarm to wake you without waking your companion. Get it at Bose outlets (Visit https://www.bose.sg/en_sg/store_locator.html to find an outlet).

Breathe in sleep-inducing scents
Aromatherapy has long been used to promote deeper sleep and reduce fatigue. Certain scents have been shown to promote relaxation, which often leads to rest. These include lavender (which also decreases the heart rate and lowers blood pressure), chamomile (which was used by ancient Romans to aid sleep), sandalwood (promotes deep sleep) and juniper (helps ease fatigue).

Diffuse it. Add a few drops of your choice of essential oil to your oil burner half an hour before bedtime. If you are worried about having a naked flame in your room while you are sleeping, use an electric diffuser. Speaking of essential oils, AAShop carries a large range by brands such as Contack and Yan. Click here for more information.

Spray it. Try This Works’ Deep Sleep Pillow Spray*, which contains lavender, vetiver and chamomile. Simply spritz lightly over your pillow before you turn in. Available at sephora.sg.

Soak in it. Work a quick spa into your evening shower. Try Lush’s Sleepy Shower Bomb, which comes packed with soothing lavender, balancing ylang ylang, and comforting tonka to soothe your stresses away. Available at sg.lush.com.

Rub it in. Combine your night-time skincare routine with aromatherapy to enrich your skin and relax your mind. Try Lush’s Sleepy Body Lotion, which is made with a gentle oatmeal infusion, lavender flower, and sweet tonka.

Enjoy just the right touch
Try sleeping on silk. Not only is it the strongest of natural fibres, it is also breathable. It helps the body stay comfortable as it retains heat in the cold and expels heat in warm weather. The hypoallergenic material does not attract dust mites, and is a natural fungal repellent. For beauty, sleeping on silk helps reduce hair breakage, as it does not conduct static electricity. It also does not draw moisture away from your skin and hair, but encourages a proper moisture balance. Its extremely smooth and soft texture is also beneficial for those with certain skin conditions, such as eczema.

Check out silk robes and pyjama sets at Bells and Birds at Orchard Road or bellsandbirds.com. You can also find MYK 100% Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase at Amazon.com.

Wind down with a cup of tea
If you have trouble getting to sleep, relax with a cup of herbal tea. Herbs such as passionflower have been used to soothe the nervous system and relieve occasional sleeplessness. Chamomile is also known for its calming properties. Check out Traditional Medicinals’ Nighty Night tea, available at Guardian Pharmacy.