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Serving Members With Excellence: Our Journey Moving Forward

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The Automobile Association of Singapore recently held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2023 on 17 May 2023. At the meeting, Members were provided with a summary of AA Singapore’s significant achievements and happenings for 2022, along with a sneak peek into the organisation’s forthcoming initiatives for the upcoming journey ahead.

This year, in view of the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Alternative Arrangements for Meetings for Registered Societies) Order issued on 15 December 2022, which enable registered societies to convene, hold, or conduct meetings through electronic means until 1 July 2023, the Association opted to convene the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by electronic means as we seek to prioritise the health and safety of our Members.

In attendance by person at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) this year were AA Singapore’s President, Mr Bernard Tay, Deputy President, Mr Low Beng Tin, Secretary of the General Committee, Mr Wong Siew Hong, Treasurer of the General Committee, Mr Alvin Phua and the Scrutineer, as well as other fellow Members of the General Committee who were in attendance by electronic means.

Mr Bernard Tay, President of AA Singapore, addressed on the following topics during the meeting:


Over the past three years, the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly posed significant hurdles, both in Singapore and worldwide. However, despite the challenges and obstacles faced, AA Singapore remained committed to placing our Members and team at the heart of our vision and the Association have been consistently delivering reliable, safe services and activities for our Members.

AA Singapore adhered to the government guidelines and recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Association made the prudent decision to continue with the discontinuation of allowing car owners from riding in the cabin of recovery trucks during towing, and we continue to seek Members’ understanding and cooperation with the utmost consideration for everyone’s safety.

“Moving forward, the Association will continue to take every precaution necessary to help prevent the resurgence of COVID-19 and ensure that our services are always ready and available for Members” said Mr Bernard Tay during his opening speech as he addressed Members during the meeting.

Efforts to strengthen capabilities across all business areas were evident in 2022, particularly in enhancing digital infrastructure for seamless Member access through AA Singapore’s online platforms. The implementation of new and improved security measures, such as a revamped login process and One-Time Password authentication, help ensures a smooth and secure experience for Members. During the meeting, Members are also encouraged to enable the biometric login feature as it offers a hassle-free and efficient way for Members to access AA’s services.

The Association also witnessed an increase in the issuance of International Driving Permit (IDPs) in 2022 due to rising travel needs. As the sole issuer of IDPs in Singapore, AA Singapore swiftly responded to the heightened demands and ensured timely issuance of IDPs to drivers.

In response to the increased travel demands, AAS Insurance Agency partnered with Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd and Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore to include the COVID-19 coverage in our TourCare Plus and TM Xplora Plus policies in 2022. This is in addition to the enhancement of the Travel Guard by AIG in 2021. AAS Insurance Agency further introduced new online payment options for Motor Insurance renewal transactions in 2022 – offering enhanced convenience to customers.

The popularity of travel insurance among Members was evident in significant sales growth in 2022, surpassing the previous year’s commission revenue for travel insurance products. AAS Insurance Agency remains dedicated to further enhancing product offerings, ensuring Members and customers receive competitive and comprehensive insurance products and services in the future.

In January 2022, AA Singapore made a strategic investment by acquiring a majority stake in BCC Automotive Pte Ltd, a well-established local automobile repair chain store and the master franchisee of POINT S Singapore. The investment will lead to improved services and additional offerings for our Members, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering better and more comprehensive services, and ensuring the satisfaction and convenience of our Members.

In a notable move towards sustainability, our subsidiary, Autoswift Recovery have incorporated electric vans into its daily operations. This transition aligns with the Association’s environmental goals and improves our operational efficiency. The larger carrying capacity of the electric van also enables us to transport more equipment in a single trip and enhances our overall service capabilities.


The Association is thrilled to share that as border restrictions ease globally, we have progressively resumed our Autoventure™ trips in 2022. In April 2022, AA Singapore organised our first ever 21D20N AA Fly-Drive trip to Scotland, which proved to be an unforgettable experience for participants as they had the chance to fully immerse themselves in Scotland’s lively culture and rich history while marveling at the breathtaking landscapes of the Scottish Highlands along the renowned North Coast 500 touring route.

The Association had also organised a total of 30 motoring and lifestyle workshops and courses for Members throughout the year, which included workshops from AAS Academy such as the Basic Car Maintenance Clinic and Car Appreciation Course as well as a collaborative 1-Day Defensive Driving Course workshop with the Singapore Safety Driving Centre.


Responding to the growing need for safe driving practices, AAS Academy introduced a new Safe Driving course in 2022. The Safe Driving Course covers crucial topics such as maintaining safe speeds, keeping a safe distance from other vehicles, and effectively identifying and managing blind spots. In addition, AAS Academy have also provided live training webinars sessions and utilised the AA dedicated online learning management system (Learn @ AAS) to allow Members to access training programs remotely and learn at their own pace and convenience.

In September 2022, AA Singapore partnered with the Singapore Traffic Police, Singapore Civil Defence Force, and Singapore Road Safety Council to co-organise the AA Emergency Preparedness on the Road event. The primary goal of this initiative was to educate the local motoring community about the importance of regular vehicle maintenance in preventing vehicle fires and the significance of giving way to emergency vehicles. Participants had the valuable opportunity to receive practical training on emergency procedures and life-saving techniques through the Community Emergency Preparedness Programme by SCDF, enabling them to enhance their ability to respond effectively in emergency situations. We were honoured to have Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, for gracing the AA Emergency Preparedness on the Road event.event. We are also deeply grateful to our esteemed partners for their invaluable collaboration in making this event a success.

In the month of May 2022, our collaboration with Yeap Transport Pte Ltd, a local school bus management company, led to the launch of the “Safe Speed Saves Lives” #Love30 road safety campaign at United World College West. Aligned with the UN Global Road Safety Week, the campaign aimed to raise awareness about the importance of low-speed streets and encourage drivers to maintain a speed of 30km/h in areas where pedestrians and motorists frequently interact, such as residential, silver, and school zones. To support this cause, over 400 school buses from Yeap Transport displayed “Safe Speed, Save Lives” bus decals, effectively spreading awareness among school bus drivers who often encounter vulnerable pedestrians like children and the elderly.

Additionally, as part of the campaign, a road safety webinar was organised specifically for school bus drivers and operators, to educate them about the dangers of speeding and the potential to prevent fatal accidents and save lives by adhering to a safe speed limit of 30km/h.

At AA Singapore, the Association understands the importance of giving back to society and as part of our commitment to building meaningful connections with the community, we continued to partner the ITE to establish the Automobile Association of Singapore Book Prizes Award. This Award aims to recognise and reward outstanding graduates from the Nitec in Automotive Technology course and promote excellence in this field.

Last December, our staff also took the initiative to organise a Christmas Charity Donation Exercise. Instead of exchanging gifts among themselves, they pooled their resources together and donated the funds to Touch Community Services, a local charity organization that assists those in need. The Association is grateful for the opportunities to make a positive impact and foster a stronger community.


In recognition of the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital age, AA Singapore have prioritised equipping our staff with the necessary skills to identify and mitigate technological risks. To this end, the Association recently conducted Cybersecurity Awareness Training sessions for staff members, led by the National Crime Prevention Council. These sessions aimed to deepen their understanding of the significance of cybersecurity and its implications in our modern world.

In line with our commitment to continuous learning and development, AA Singapore has also established a partnership with the Singapore Manual and Mercantile Workers’ Union (SMMWU) through a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2022. By closely working with SMMWU, the Association will assess staff’s training needs and design tailored programs to address those needs.

Additionally, the AA Singapore website underwent a revamp in the first quarter of 2023, featuring an interactive user interface and modern design which will make it easier for Members to access AA’s services.

The Association remains committed to providing exciting opportunities and experiences for our members. In August 2023, AA Singapore will be gearing up for a 98-Day AA Autoventure London-Singapore Expedition Drive from 4 August to 10 November 2023. Our recent preview of the expedition provided an exclusive preview into the meticulously planned routes and exciting activities that participants can look forward to. Interested members are welcome to approach our staff for more information about joining this journey.

The dedication of AA Singapore to providing exciting opportunities for its members goes beyond just the 98-Day AA Autoventure London-Singapore Expedition Drive. The Association is constantly reviewing our services to reinforce our offerings, and consistently evaluating our locations and facilities, to ensure that members receive the best possible benefits and value for their membership. By remaining vigilant and adaptable, AA Singapore will continue to evolve and meet the changing needs and expectations of its members in the years to come. Whether it’s through exciting expeditions or excellence in customer service, AA Singapore is committed to creating a community that members can be proud to be a part of.

AA President, Mr Tay informed the meeting that AA Singapore is continuously evaluating its locations and facilities to ensure that Members receive the best benefits and value. The Association aims to stay vigilant and adaptable in order to meet the evolving needs and expectations of its Members. “Whether it’s through exciting expeditions or excellence in customer service, AA Singapore is committed to creating a community that Members can be proud to be a part of” added Mr Tay.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Tay expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Members for their unwavering support and steadfast commitment to the Association, particularly in the face of the challenges encountered in 2022. He extended his thanks for their dedicated efforts, which have played a pivotal role in propelling the Association forward. Mr. Tay conveyed his confidence in the Association’s ability to navigate and overcome future obstacles, assuring that it will emerge from these challenges with even greater strength and resilience.