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Selling Your Car In Singapore

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Check out these online platforms to get the best value for your car.

Selling a used car in Singapore does not necessarily have to be stressful. In fact, doing it on an online marketplace could be done in a matter of hours! While some platforms are free to use, others will charge a fee. Check out these platforms to get the best value for your car.

A subsidiary of the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), sgCarMart either auctions your used car to more than 500 local dealers, or sells your car by consignment at the price you want. If you choose to sell your car by consignment, take note that your dealer will take a cut from the sale of the car, ranging from a flat fee of $500 to 1% of the final selling price. Alternatively, post a paid advertisement on sgCarMart for a one-time fee of $58 until your car is sold. sgCarMart also offers free valuation via Whatsapp, SMS or call — simply submit your car details and receive your car valuationwithin one working day.
While STCars is also owned by SPH, it offers a more straightforward experience. There are three methods for selling your car on this platform: either post a listing for free, sell your car to a dealer, or auction your car to more than 500 local dealers. If you wish to sell your car urgently, contact any car dealer via STCars but be prepared to get a value lower than that of the market rate for your car. Otherwise, receive the highest quotation for your car in one working day, or post a paid advertisement for a one-time fee of $58 until your car is sold.

Carousell Motors
If you are familiar with the slogan “Snap, List, Sell”, you must have decluttered your closet, room or home, or shopped on Carousell, a Singapore-headquartered online marketplace. To meet the needs of car buyers, Carousell launched Carousell Motors in 2017 to offer easier navigation and more detailed car listings. Buyers can also search and compare specifics, such as makes and models, dealers, financial options, as well as car depreciation. To sell your car on Carousell Motors, simply upload a photo and details of your car, and be prepared to entertain bargains and requests such as test drives.

UCARS is an online marketplace by a consortium of car dealers who wish to cut out the middleman and pass on the savings to customers. Simply key in your car details on the UCARS website and leave the team to coordinate the necessary for you. Upon registration, you will be informed of the highest bid for your car within 48 hours. Unlike other platforms that charge a commission fee for each transaction, UCARS does not profit from it, which means that you stand to receive every single cent of the final price.

Carsome is a Malaysia-based marketplace that uses an online auction portal. Upon submitting your car details, Carsome will give you a call after the live bidding results are out. An appointment will be arranged to inspect your car if you are satisfied with the best offer and would like to proceed with selling your car. Since Carsome facilitates the entire car-selling process from inspection and valuation to bidding and payment at no charge, you can sell your car effortlessly and with greater peace of mind.

Car Valuation and Evaluation Services
Why not take advantage of your membership and consult AA Singapore’s car valuation and evaluation services? The car valuation service provides you with a report for different car makes and models, while the car evaluation service provides a comprehensive evaluation report on any flaws or defects found in the inspection. You will receive an independent assessment on the car’s condition, allowing you to determine and make a more informed buying decision. Speak to our Technical Services Division at 6389 4270 / 6333 8811 for a professionally generated report that suits all your requirements.