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Safe And Engaged

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While Singapore has entered Phase 3 of the relaxation of rules pertaining to COVID-19, it is still advisable to keep as much as possible to your own household. To smoothen relationships strained by spending more time together, here are ideas to keep your kids engaged, and suggestions for keeping them safe too.

It is difficult to keep watch over your kids 24/7, which is why practising small habits, such as storing away potentially harmful substances, is a good way to prevent injury. Kids are naturally curious, even towards things like pills and medication. But even medically harmless ones, such as supplements, can be a choking hazard for them. This goes for small toys, such as marbles and puzzle pieces, so be sure to store them away after use.

If you live in a multi-storey building, it is a good idea to install gratings or other safety devices onto your windows. Some windows are designed to open outwards, which can be particularly dangerous for kids. If you aren’t in the same room as they are, be sure to lock the windows and front door in case they wander outside unsupervised.STAY ENGAGED
Get your kids involved in the kitchen and make a meal for the whole family. Recipes such as mac & cheese, Vietnamese spring rolls, and pizza are easy to make and delicious. Bake some sugar cookies or cupcakes for dessert and let your kids get creative while decorating them. Afterwards, they get to enjoy the delicious fruits of their labour!
Playing board games is not only a good way to bond as a family, it can help to encourage brain development in your kids. Games such as Pictionary, Uno and Go Fish are suitable for younger children; while Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo are games that you can play with older kids. Make it a tradition and fix a particular night of the week as game night, an event everyone can look forward to!

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your child interested in science, there are many fun experiments you can do using things you have at home. Simply mixing cornstarch and water will produce Oobleck, a slimy non-Newtonian fluid that is not only fun to play with, but also teaches kids about the different states of matter. Create a mini volcano by adding vinegar to baking soda, and show your kids the magic of chemistry.

For a change of scene, why not take your kids to take part in one of AA Singapore’s programmes specially catered for the young ones? The next one, entitled ‘Bridges and Magnetism’, is scheduled for 23 January 2021 (Saturday). More details here.