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Reducing Food Waste

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Social enterprise Just Dabao is on a mission to redistribute unsold surplus food by connecting consumers with restaurants and cafes.

Every order at Just Dabao is what we call a Shiok Bag, and discounts range from 40% to 70%. Simply go to the website and make your choice based on location, cuisine and price.

The contents are a surprise until you pick it up from the outlet.

To date, Just Dabao — which has also been featured on sethlui.com — has helped prevent eight tons of carbon emissions. More than 350 F&B businesses have partnered with the company so far in support of its bid to eliminate food wastage, help businesses and save the environment at the same time.

Why Singaporeans are caring about the food waste?

This has an impact on food security, fills up our only landfill space, and emits gases that are 25 times more heat trapping than carbon dioxide.

One Shiok Bag purchased is equivalent to 1kg of carbon emissions saved. With three Shiok Bags, the amount of emissions saved is equivalent to one car driven for a full day.


Dismayed by the closing down of her favourite eateries due to the pandemic, Widjaja started doing research on the F&B scene. That was when she realised the extent of the food-waste problem in Singapore. Discovering that most of the food being thrown out was perfectly edible, she dug deeper — talking to consumers, running focus groups, and creating surveys — to understand the issue. She found that food waste is primarily a logistics issue, and “a wholly avoidable one at that”. Thus was planted the idea for Just Dabao, a social enterprise working towards reducing food waste in Singapore.Previously from the e-commerce industry in Indonesia, and having worked in large corporations such as P&G and Bloomberg, Widjaja had no direct experience in the sustainable industry. But that did not stop her from setting up the social impact enterprise. As she explained in an interview with yahoo.com, reducing food waste was a habit that had been subconsciously ingrained in her since young; it was something she had always wanted to pursue. She then came up with a way to incentivise sustainability, by creating a concept where people did not have to compromise their lifestyle.

Just Dabao aims to redistribute unsold surplus food by connecting customers and their eateries. Customers can do their bit towards alleviating the problem of food wastage by purchasing delicious food at restaurants at steeply discounted prices through Just Dabao’s website.

For more information, visit https://justdabao.com/

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