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Protect Your Fleet

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AA Singapore launches commercial motor insurance schemes for companies that operate a fleet of vehicles.

AAS Insurance Agency (AAS-IA) has developed various commercial motor insurance schemes for businesses. These schemes protect your fleet of vehicles against losses or damages*, legal liability to third-party (including your passenger) injury, and property damage.

AAS-IA is able to advise the best policy catered to your business needs by conducting Risk Assessment and Management for your fleet of vehicles, then anticipating and addressing the risks your business may face.

Using telematics technologies, your drivers can be assessed based on their driving habits and behaviour. By analysing each person’s driving patterns, you can improve the efficiency of your fleet and implement the necessary measures to reduce risk and vehicle accident rates. A Safe Driver Award will be bestowed on a periodic basis to the best drivers within the fleet, thus incentivising all eligible drivers to practise safer road habits and improve overall safety records.

Companies whose drivers achieve a Low Risk rating score in the Online Driver Risk Assessment may get up to 15% discount on the insurance premium. Furthermore, if you install your vehicles with in-car cameras, you are eligible to receive partial or full excess waiver when you file for claims in the event of an accident. What’s more, maintain excellent safety records for the year and be rewarded with Good Loss Experience Premium refund for your Commercial Fleet after 12 months.

AAS-IA also offers customised business insurance packages for SMEs specialising in Office, Services, Retail and F&B. Our cost-effective and flexible products will help you to better manage your risk exposure while protecting your business and employees. To find out more, get in touch with us via 6389 4241, email us at biz.insurance@aas.com.sg or visit aas.agency.

*Losses or damages due to accidental collision and those specified under your policy

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