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Preventing Car Theft & Break-In

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Minimise the risk of your car and things in it getting stolen with these tips.

Getting your car stolen in Singapore is pretty rare, which is why it’s not a concern for most of us. In Singapore, car and related thefts have declined by about 20% in 2019 from 2018, according to the local police. That said, it’s still a real problem and it can happen to anybody. We don’t have to go overboard but just taking simple preventative measures and practising good habits can help secure your car from prying hands.

Out Of Sight
If you carry things in your car, keep them out of sight, regardless of whether they are valuable to you or not. It may be just a bag of your gym clothes or some grocery items, but placing them in plain sight is inviting temptation for a break-in. Keep your things in the boot, in the glove compartment, or even under the seat. And remove the cash card from the IU. Remember: out of sight, out of mind.

Under Lock & Key 
Never leave your spare car key or house key in the glove compartment. That is an open invitation to more trouble than you need or want. If a car thief manages to pry open your car door and find the keys, they can undo the car alarm and take off with your car. Thieves are high-tech these days, and have the ability to steal your key fob’s signal, giving them easy access to your car. A simple and affordable way to avoid car theft is getting a key fob protector or a Faraday pouch, which blocks all electromagnetic waves. For added security, try installing a real-time GPS tracker. This keeps track of your car at all times, and can be helpful to the police in locating your car should it get stolen.

Let There Be Light 
If possible, always park in a well-lit area or in a lot with plenty of human activity around. If you find yourself in an empty and quiet car park, park near the lifts or where there are security cameras. Avoid, where possible, lonely alleyways or quiet streets, especially at night. If you’re alone in your car, keep the doors locked at all times, and only exit if it’s clear and safe to do so. If someone approaches you for help, practise good judgement and assess the situation before extending a hand. This is especially important when driving overseas, on roads that are unfamiliar to you.

Unattended & Running 
Do not leave your car unattended and running, even if it’s for a few minutes. If you think getting out for a moment to, say, top up your cash card is no big deal, you may be in for a nasty surprise. Car thieves are always alert to opportunities, so don’t give them one. It doesn’t take much to practise locking your doors every time you step out. Also, if you want to take a break and nap in the car without running the engine, keep the windows open just a smidgen to allow enough air to get through. Don’t invite trouble by giving them enough access.

Follow these simple steps to keep yourself and your car safe.

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