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The POWERSERIES Extreme Stick Vacuum Cleaner from Black & Decker makes light work of cleaning.

With the arrival of COVID-19, keeping our homes and cars clean has assumed greater significance. Regular vacuuming is one way to keep our surroundings spick and span, free from bacteria, dust and allergens.

Vacuum cleaners make cleaning less of a chore. They allow you to conveniently scoop up dirt and fine dust particles from the surfaces of your home and car so that you can exist in a pristine, dust-free environment.

When hunting for such a gadget, the features buyers tend to prefer are

  • ease of use
  • ease of handling
  • ease of maintenance

The POWERSERIES Extreme Stick Vacuum Cleaner from Black & Decker ticks all these boxes.

It has a floorhead angle that makes cleaning surfaces — from hard floors to rugs and carpets — a cinch. Its V-shaped bristle pattern also makes picking up dust, crumbs and hair easier. A patented anti-tangle brush bar minimises hair wrap — a godsend for those with pets, so you don’t waste time untangling the brush.

The front-facing dustbin allows it to lay flat for hard-to-reach areas, and gives quick access when it’s time to empty the machine. The built-in twist-to-clean filter provides up to twice the suction power — impressive for a machine of its size. It also has a three-speed control that lets you select the power needed for cleaning up on hard surfaces, rugs or the carpet.

Being cordless, the machine is lightweight and easy to manipulate without having to plug and unplug as you move around the house.

The machine can be also be converted to a handheld vacuum when you need to clean stairs, hard to reach areas like windowsills and window panes, furniture, and for cleaning your car.As car owners are aware, car cabins can readily turn into repositories for bacteria, viruses and dust mites, which can lead to a host of health problems. A two-in-one vacuum cleaner like Black & Decker’s Stick Vacuum Cleaner makes it convenient to clean the seats and carpets of car cabins.

The machine delivers up to 55 minutes of run time when used on low speed with the brush bar turned off. To charge, detach the removable battery from the vacuum, or leave it in to charge while the machine stands on its own or when placed on its wall mount.

The fact that the batteries are removable is one outstanding feature of this product, one that really sets it apart from other brands in the market. This allows you to continue vacuuming even after the first battery is depleted. And when the batteries wear out — an inevitability for all cordless vacuum cleaners — there is no need to throw away an otherwise fully functional machine. Instead of spending another sum of money to buy a new vacuum cleaner, just get a new battery readily available from Black & Decker! All batteries are interchangeable and compatible with all Black & Decker 20V power tools.

Convenient to use, effective and efficient, Black & Decker’s Stick Vacuum Cleaner is the machine you’ll want to be bringing home should you be on the prowl for a vacuum cleaner that can carry out the job of cleaning both the car and home.

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