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With the anticipated re-opening of country borders, a drive to Malaysia or Thailand may soon be a possibility. Here are some items and gadgets you should keep in your car to enhance the road trip and keep you safe — they’re also convenient to have on hand even if you’re only moving around Singapore.


A car charger/adapter is a must-have to recharge your devices, which you will need to map your route, play podcasts, and keep the kids busy in the back seat so they don’t distract you with their incessant questions. There are quite a few models on offer for AA Members at AAShop, from single USB and dual USB to even wireless chargers. This dual USB device by Cygnett conveniently allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, in addition to being 40% faster than your standard 1amp charger.
Cygnett PowerMini 4.8 Dual USB Car Charger
From AAShop: $26 (M), $29 (NM)


If your car isn’t already equipped with a built-in sunglass holder, get one yourself. This New Auto Car Sun Visor Clip for Sunglasses not only helps keep your sunglasses in place, it also can also be used to clip pens and business cards.
New Auto Car Sun Visor Clip
From ezbuy : $7.64; Shopee: $4.32


Raise your safety quotient with a dashcam. Besides capturing fun videos of you and your friends on a road trip, it also serves a second purpose: providing evidence to law enforcement and insurance companies in the event of an accident. If you are an AA Singapore Member, take advantage of members-only deals at the AAShop, such as this Marbella model, which comes with FREE installation. This made-in-Korea product has all the right features, such as built-in Wi-Fi, front and rear cameras that are fully HD and wide angle (140°), and wide dynamic range to capture clear images at different exposures. It also has three recording modes: in ‘Drive’, it will start recording when it detects the engine running; in ‘Event’, it will be activated when its sensor detects an impact; in ‘Park’, the cameras will automatically record when it detects motion near your stationary car.
Marbella KR8S-2CH
From AAShop: $349 (M), $399 (NM)


Keep your car clean and free of debris while on the road with a portable vacuum cleaner. Lightweight and cordless, the Autobot V2 Pro Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner is easy to cart around and does a good job of removing pet hair, dust, dirt, cigarette ash, leaves and other small things, such as the bits of crisp and popcorn your kids spilt while snacking during the drive.

AutoBot V2 Pro Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner Handheld & Portable Vacuum HEPA Filter Strong Suction 6200 Pa for Car Home Office Red/Blue
From Lazada: $83


If your trip is going to be a long one, an inflatable mattress is worth adding to your list of things to bring along. Suitable for both SUVs and sedan, this mattress allows you to turn the rear seat of your automobile into a plush bed whenever you feel you need to stop and rest.
Inflatable mattress
From Decathlon: $60

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