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No Baby (Travel) Blues

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Travelling with a toddler can be an adventure of its own! Here’s how you can embrace the chaos with these tips

If you think that travelling with a baby is challenging, you haven’t experienced travelling with a toddler yet! Not only will you have to deal with toddler tantrums, but you will also need to handle the logistics of travelling with one.

Here are some tips to ensure a successful trip with your little one!

Pre-Travel Essentials

Visa CheckEven though the Singapore passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world, not all nations allow Singaporeans to travel visa-free to their country. Thus, checking your destination’s visa requirements before travelling is wise!
Snacks and Water

Always pack your bags with your toddler’s favourite snacks and drinks. This is especially important on flights, where there might be a long wait between boarding and the first meal service, or on long car rides where the next pit stop could be hours away.


Bring a collapsible stroller

A collapsible stroller is a useful vehicle that’s well worth the hassle of bringing it on board. It is especially helpful when navigating the dizzying labyrinths of airports, especially after a long flight. Even if your toddler isn’t keen to be strapped into one, it can also double up as a wagon for your cabin bags. Strollers can be dropped off at the departure gate with most airlines, where they will be kept in the aircraft hold. You can then conveniently retrieve them once you land, usually at the jet bridge.

A tablet loaded with videos and child-friendly headphones

A screen loaded with your toddler’s favourite videos is a godsend for bored young minds, even if you don’t encourage screen time under normal circumstances! It is also advisable to invest in a pair of child-friendly headphones for two reasons: to ensure a comfortable listening experience for your child and to not disturb the peace of fellow passengers.

Extra change of clothes and diapersBook child mealsMost airlines provide infant and child meals on board. For example, Singapore Airlines offers jarred baby food and child meals for kids between two and 12 years old. Just remember to pre-book or check with your airline as these are often considered special meals.
Choose seats wisely

When travelling with younger children, it is advisable to get aisle seats for convenient toilet breaks. You may also want to consider paying more for bulkhead seats, which allow your toddler extra space to stretch and play.

Car travel

Child seats for carsIf you’re renting a car at your holiday destination, always remember to pre-book a car seat as the rental company may not have it at the pick-up location.

Plan frequent stops

Road trips can be a fun way to bond with your family and explore a different country, but they can be especially tiring for a child. It is advisable to stop every two hours, even if it’s just at a petrol station to treat your toddler to a bar of chocolate!