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New Ways Of Working Out

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Highway checks out five new trend-setting exercises to help you get fit.

Power Plate at Higher Ground Fitness 

695C East Coast Road
Singapore 459059
Website: www.hg-fitness.com

While the Russians moved vibration theory forward with the Russian space programme in the 1960s, and were known to train their dominant Olympic athletes in the 1980s with Whole Body Vibration, it was Swedish gymnast, physician and inventor Gustav Zander who first developed and popularised therapeutic exercise machines utilising vibrations in the 1800s.

The Power Plate is a premium vibration device scientifically proven to activate more muscle groups in less time and with less effort, enhancing the effectiveness of any exercise. Engineered to activate the human body’s natural reflexive responses to vibration and instability, Power Plate oscillates 25 to 50 times per second to engage muscles to contract and relax automatically in a consistent and controlled manner, so your body naturally responds by working harder while doing the same exercises.

The harmonic vibrations in three directions — up/down, forwards/backwards, and side-to-side — produced by the vibrating power plate bring traditional exercises such as squats and push-ups to another level by recruiting more muscle fibres even though you are not aware of it. This means development in whole-body balance, mobility, stability, strength, motor control, and muscle memory in a shorter time frame than with traditional methods.

The high-efficiency training ensures that you burn fat, tone muscles, enhance balance, and improve strength —accelerating results in a shorter time frame. When used regularly, Power Plate increases lymphatic flow and may have a significant impact upon the reduction of cellulite and body fat when coupled with an active lifestyle.

If you want to burn 300kcal but prefer not to run, consider a 40-minute Power Plate class, which is recommended for anyone, including beginners.

Barre at WeBarre

There are 4 WeBarre branches in Singapore, located in the CBD. Refer to its website for more details.
Website: www.webarre.com

Barre was created in 1959 in London by ballerina Lotte Berk, who got the idea of combining her ballet bar routines with rehabilitative therapy to form an exercise system after hurting her back.

Barre, pronounced ‘bar’, is a hybrid workout in a one-stop shop that brings together elements and techniques from ballet, yoga, pilates and strength training in an invigorating sequence of repetitions to transform your entire body. It is distinguished from other forms of group exercises by its use of the ballet barre for balance, focusing on isometric holds and then combining it with dynamic exercises and movements. The fun, dance-inspired workout is set to upbeat music and dynamic choreography.

Barre is a suitable for all fitness levels — it requires neither dance experience nor tutus! Its popularity stems from the physical results. With consistency, barre enthusiasts find their bodies becoming leaner and more sculpted, while their posture improving dramatically.

The classes are a fusion of isometric holds with small, controlled movements and full-range of dynamic movements that will challenge you to build strength yet move with poise. If the thought of body control, flow, strength and technique fused into one class is a challenge that excites you, get yourself onto a ballet barre near you among a supportive community at Singapore’s first boutique barre studio.

Hybrid Rebounding at BBOUNCE Studio

176 Orchard Road
#06-09 The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843
Website: www.bbouncestudio.com

BBOUNCE is Singapore’s first dedicated rebounding fitness studio, offering a range of comprehensive strength and cardio workouts on rebounders. It is also the first studio to specialise in functional circuit fitness classes based on The BBOUNCE Method.

Also known as Hybrid Rebounding, it is specially designed to achieve the best body shape and feel the improvement of one’s lymphatic system in the fastest time through a combination of systemic cardio, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, strength training, and muscle sculpting.

Rebounding provides a full-body detox, an effective movement therapy for increasing lymph flow and draining toxins from the body through low-impact and joint-friendly exercises to protect your ankles and knees, thereby improving balance and stability while burning at least twice as many calories as running.

Rebounding is extremely effective, especially when you combine it with other hybrid exercises via The BBounce Method to incorporate mini-trampolines with resistance bands, weights and strength training for a dynamic workout.

Hybrid Rebounding bootcamp is BBOUNCE Studio’s signature class, modelled after the ideology of combining different workouts into one single class incorporating the use of a rebounder. It is the ultimate sweat machine to increase your strength, aerobic fitness, and flexibility through The BBOUNCE Method.

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Hybrid Training at Beat X Studio

20 Cecil Street
#06-03 Plus (formerly GSH Plaza)
Singapore 049705
Website: www.beatxstudio.com

Beat X fitness sessions mean one thing: sweat. The studio is founded by two Singapore national swimmers who created the original Hybrid Rebounding at BBOUNCE Studio. Classes constantly evolve to switch things up in order to sculpt every muscle, burn calories, and help you to beat your own limits.

Beat X Studios are designed and structured with music, lights and workouts to keep you immersed and engaged through distinctive intensity ‘shocks’ to break routine and plateaus so that you keep getting extraordinary results for real transformation.

The cardiovascular classes wake up those muscles groups to supercharge your metabolism and build athletic strength with movements such as squats, vertical jumps, heavy ball throws, uphill riding, and rebounding. Get prepared for metabolic conditioning with short bouts of higher-intensity training designed to increase metabolic demand and increase energy usage that elevates your metabolic rate for the next 24 hours after your workout!

The signature Hybrid Training circuit-style bootcamp class blends various workout philosophies to maximise training techniques, allowing you to do and achieve more in a session to increase your strength, aerobic fitness, and flexibility. Expect HIIT training, body weight exercises, obstacle races, treadmills and more, incorporating the use of a rebounder.

Every class is unique,and all workouts are designed to increase metabolic rate and build muscles fast. This class has progressive levels, from beginner to advanced practitioner.

Birthday Treats for AA Members:
1-for-1 Fitness Pass at only $18 (U.P. $70)
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Kickbox Fusion at Fitness First

There are 20 Fitness First branches scattered throughout Singapore. Refer to its website for more details.
Website: www.fitnessfirst.com.sg

Historically developed from karate and boxing, kickboxing is widely practised for self-defence, general fitness, and combat sports. It is considered a hybrid martial art; classes often incorporate aerobics and moves formed from a combination of elements of muay thai, karate, boxing and taekwondo.

Unlike a regular kickboxing class, Kickbox Fusion is a mixed martial arts class that combines kicks, punches and movements across different martial arts disciplines to develop strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The energetic 60-minute non-combative workout is recommended for those who exercise regularly, to get leaner and more toned through an integration of punches and kicks for overall body conditioning.

Enjoy the benefits of both aerobics and kickboxing — without the intensity of the martial arts segment — in a fun and unintimidating environment. Join a Kickbox Fusion class for a great muscular and cardio workout.