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Must-Have Car Accessories

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Here’s our pick of equipment and gadgets designed to get you out of sticky situations during your drive.

While driving from one place to another, you risk experiencing a breakdown or some other issue with your vehicle. As such, it’s always useful to keep a handy set of tools that can come to your rescue in times like these.

Nifty, portable and functional, these accessories deserve a place in your car:

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

A tyre pressure monitoring system notifies you when your car tyre’s pressure is low or going flat. Knowing this can help improve your safety on the road, giving you sufficient time to reach a place where you can get your tyre fixed.

$26.45–$34.75; Shopee

Wireless Air Pump

Compact and easy to carry around, this Baseus wireless inflator provides up to 120PSI of air, allowing you to fill up a variety of objects, from heavy-duty car tyres to delicate beach balls. It is battery-operated for wireless charging. You can monitor the tyre pressure through its digital display, so inflation can be automatically stopped when it reaches preset levels.

$59.90; Shopee

Safedome Leather Key FinderSay “goodbye” to the problem of lost car keys — arguably the most misplaced item of one’s belongings — with the Safedome Leather Key Finder. Attach this Bluetooth device to any of your personal belongings, and use the free Safedome companion app to track down the item should you lose it. The app will show the last location of your lost item on a map. The smart key locator has a soft leather key fob that you can attach to your car keys.

$44 (Member), $49 (Non-Member); AAShop

Cygnett Magmount Pro 2-IN-1

Drivers who use Google Maps via their smartphone for navigation need to get this gadget. The MagMount Pro 2-in-1 can be transformed from a vent mount to a dash mount by placing the spring-loaded vent clip into the dash mount adapter. It comes with strong built-in magnets that securely hold your phone in position, and enable you to mount and dismount your phone easily. MagMount Pro is compatible with the Apple MagSafe charger so you can charge your iPhone 12 wirelessly in the car.

$26 (Member), $29 (Non-Member); AAShop

Polarised Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory; they protect the eyes from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Polarised lenses are a good choice for drivers, as they reduce glare from headlights and light reflecting off wet and shiny surfaces. This makes for not only a more comfortable drive, but also a safer journey (glares have often been cited the cause of traffic accidents). Such lenses can also come in useful in foggy or hazy conditions, as they help increase contrast and sharpen details. Skyline polarised lenses offer UV/UVB400 protection. Its Wearover series is designed to be worn over prescription lenses and are recommended for people who have recently undergone eye surgery and are sensitive to light, as the wraparound design prevents harsh light from reaching the eyes.

$36.70 (Member), $39.95 (Non-Member); AAShop

Seat Cushion

A seat cushion helps make your daily commute more comfortable. The Kieba Coccyx seat cushion has a cut-out for your tailbone that aligns your spine and promotes good posture. As it’s made from memory foam, it keeps you supported and comfortable throughout your ride.
$72.48; Amazon

For other must-have items that ought to be kept in the car, check out this TikTok video by AA Singapore.

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