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Moodo Puts You In The Mood

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There’s a new aroma diffuser in town. With Moodo, you can enjoy all the scents with none of the mess.

Your sense of smell is probably the most evocative of your five senses — just a slight hint of a certain odour can trigger memories made a long time ago. This is because there is a direct link from the nose to the brain. “The olfactory bulb is part of the brain’s limbic system, which is really closely associated with memory,” says Katherine Frizoni, the skincare research and development manager for Dove.

But smells do more than just evoke memories — they can also trigger certain responses in the brain and thus change your mood. It is one of the reasons that aromatherapy has been around for about 6,000 years, and used by ancient civilisations in Egypt, China and India. Many of us will be familiar with the calming and relaxing smell of lavender and chamomile, which is useful for relieving stress and encouraging sleep. Fragrances can have other functions, too — promoting confidence, strengthening memory, lifting depression — and some smells can even play multiple roles!

More amazingly, the essential oils that are the source of these fragrances can induce a biological response as well! There are numerous published reports of the antibacterial, antibiotic, and antiviral properties of these oils, which have also been used to treat cancer, sleep disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, and labour pains.

If you are a regular consumer of scented products, you will know how inconvenient it can be to get a room to just the right mood. Scented candles can leave traces of wax all over; they also leave a constant nagging voice at the back of your mind to put out the naked flame. As for oil burners, your fingers and the burner bowl end up in an oily mess every time you use them, and there’s that naked flame again. Diffuser reeds are a little less involved, but you may need to invert the reeds to get a stronger smell, and that again leaves your hands messy.

Available in Singapore now is Moodo, an aroma diffuser like no other. You’d never know its function just by looking at it — it looks like a hi-fi component! It is the only such product that allows you to customise scents according to your intent.

Fragrance Capsules Moodo can take at any one time up to four fragrance capsules, each filled with scent-infused beads. Every Moodo fragrance is crafted by expert perfumers and produced exclusively in Grasse, France. You can thus mix and match up to four different fragrances to create a customised scent to match whatever mood you are trying to create. The capsules are sold in packs of four, with all fragrances in each pack specially curated by perfumers. The packs also come with expressive names, such as Ashram Spa, Beach Party and Mediterranean Dreams. Note that there’s no need to fiddle with matches, lighters, oil bottles, reeds or candles! The capsules last around two months or 60 hours of continuous use. When your Moodo diffuser detects that any of your capsules has reached non-optimal fragrance level, it will notify you, via your Moodo app (see next paragraph), that new capsules are required.

Wi-Fi Connectivity The product comes with a Moodo smartphone app for you to set up a schedule to suit your needs. For example, you could activate your Moodo 10 minutes before arriving home, so that can walk into your apartment and into the welcoming arms of your favourite fragrance. You can also set your Moodo to release scents only at certain times. This makes more efficient use of the product and controls the strength of the smell in the room — none of the other scented products can do this. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the app will let you know if any of the capsules need replacing.

The reason that Moodo is now available in Singapore is thanks to Melvin, who has been working in international business and distributor acquisition for close to 16 years in both the F&B and cosmetics industries. “My strength is actually in acquiring and managing distribution partners in Asia, and not managing brands,” he shares.

However, after encountering the Moodo — he bought as a present for his wife — he was so impressed by it that he wanted residents here to experience it in a more convenient way. “I was so in love with Moodo; the experience of creating my own personalised scents captivated me. This device was just so cool — it made me feel and look cool just by having and using it!” he exclaims. “If I felt this way, I was sure that others would love it too. My No. 1 reason for starting the Moodo representation was to share the Moodo experience with everyone in Singapore.”

Melvin understands what good quality and service means. After all, he has been an AA Member for more than two decades. “Over the years, I’ve used its towing services, battery services, car evaluation services, car valuation services,” he says. “The reason why I’m still a Member is simply because AAS has never failed me… not even once.”

This is why he is extending a special offer to fellow AA Members. Those who spend a minimum of S$100.00 on the Moodo website will be entitled to a FREE Mediterranean Dreams Scent Pack worth S$49.90!

To enjoy this offer, add this item to the other products in your shopping cart. At checkout, enter the code “AASMOODO” before paying up. That’s it. You’ll receive your FREE Mediterranean Scent Pack, together with the other products you ordered, within a couple of days.