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Liven Up Your Workspace

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Easy ways to keep your workspace free of clutter and distractions so you can work smart.

A good workspace can do wonders to make you feel comfortable and work more efficiently. With many of us working from home during the pandemic, it pays to invest a little time and effort to create a workspace that works for you.

Here are some ideas to help you organise your space so you can work smart:

Declutter and Stay Organised 
Whether it’s your desk at the office or at home, always keep it free of clutter. A tidy workspace with organised storage helps you find what you need when you need it. Designate a space for your stationery, folders and documents. Not only does it make you more productive, it also shows consideration to your co-workers. A messy desk can be an eyesore!

If you are working from home and sharing the space with other family members, an organised system can save you lots of frustration and arguments. Set aside a spot for shared items such as stationery and memo pads. Assign colour-coded boxes or labels for everyone so you take charge of your own documents and items. Whether in the office or at home, make it a habit to spend a few minutes putting everything back in place at the end of the day. This way, you can start afresh the next day.

Make Your Furniture & Layout Work For You
If you are sitting at your desk for most of the workday, it is important to have the proper chair and desk height for optimal comfort. Poor ergonomics can lead to physical pain and cause you to be less productive.

When sitting at your desk, your feet should be resting on the floor or on a footrest. If you work with computers, position the monitor at least an arm’s length away or further if your screen is larger. The top of your monitor screen should be at or slightly below eye level. You should be looking down slightly when viewing the middle of the screen. If you wear bifocals, lower the monitor below eye level and tilt your screen back 30–45°.

If you are working from home, invest in an ergonomic chair to lessen the risk of lower back pain. You can also consider a sit-to-stand table that allows you to adjust the height so you can work sitting or standing. It is said to be more energising, which could result in boosting productivity.

Light Up Your Workspace
A well-lit workspace is inviting and helps you work better. Bad lighting can lead to fatigue and cause eye strain. Some studies have even shown that light deprivation can lead to depression.

If you don’t have access to natural light, make sure your workspace is properly illuminated with overhead lighting or desk lamps. If you are working from home, pick a spot near the window or invest in proper lighting that helps you work better.

Create An Inspirit Space 
Liven up your workspace to add character and feel inspired. It has been said that personalising your space can give you a sense of control and help establish a positive relationship between your identity and your workplace. Do make sure you adhere to the office code and don’t go overboard!

Consider injecting some colour to boost your mood or spark creativity. Think soothing blues for improved communication, energising yellows for creativity, or calming neutral hues for a peaceful work environment. You can also add some low-maintenance greenery (e.g. money plants) to purify the air, which is definitely reassuring during this period.

Go Pro For Online Meetings 
For those working from home, presenting a professional front can be challenging. While filters are an easy fix to make your space presentable while on video calls, it doesn’t hurt to create a soothing physical backdrop or add things meaningful to you that may be visible to your co-workers. COVID-19 has brought about a new understanding of where personal and professional lives can co-mingle, so it may be nice to share a little bit of who you are with colleagues, vendors and clients.

A good tip for online meetings would be to align your laptop to eye level. It’s a better angle for everyone and it is often more flattering.