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Live In The Moment

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Tips to stay calm during Circuit Breaker and beyond.

During this Circuit Breaker period, with the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus situation, it’s all too easy to become worried and anxious. While certain things are out of your control, there are simple steps you can take to manage your fears and focus on the positives.Don’t obsess over the news
While it is necessary to stay informed, don’t overexpose yourself to the media. Be discerning about what you read or watch, as there are many sources of fake information and sensational news that fuel anxiety instead of easing it. Stick to trustworthy media sources, and be judicious in what you share with others.

Appreciate the present
Neither live in the past nor worry about the future; instead, live in the present. Each new day is full of possibilities, so work on having positive thoughts and take pleasure in the simple things we often take for granted: the views from our windows, the smell of the next-door neighbours’ cooking, or even the sounds of the birds chirping or wind blowing. These acts of appreciation keep your mind in a good mood and give your spirits a lift.

Organise to clear the mind
You may feel that this is a good time to declutter your place, but spare a thought for your estate cleaners, who are having a tough time dealing with more and more rubbish. A better option is to organise. There are always a few areas at home that require organising: your kid’s bedroom and homework, the files and apps on your computers and mobile devices, or clearing of mail (both the physical and digital kinds!). Keeping a list of areas and tackling them on a regular basis will keep your mind off unnecessary worry.Stay connected
Make a conscious effort to stay in touch with friends and family. Schedule a regular phone or video chat to stay abreast of their situation. Humans are social animals; isolation and loneliness can exacerbate anxiety and depression, which may have an impact on physical health.

Keep active
While staying at home, it is important to keep time on the sofa to a minimum. Take a short break from sitting by doing three to four minutes of light exercise, such as stretching or walking around your home. This will ease your muscles and improve blood circulation. Regular physical activity, even just light ones, will benefit your body and mind. Online exercise videos are also a good source of exercise ideas that you could do at home. Just make sure you don’t do something beyond your physical capabilities.

Practise relaxation
Stress can throw your nervous system out of whack. Set some time aside each day to relax your body and mind. Find a quiet place in your home and start by sitting up straight. Take a deep breath and breathe out slowly. This breathing technique relaxes your muscles and helps reduce tension. At the same time, focus on a word, a mantra, or even your breathing. Do this for around 10 to 20 minutes each time. What this does is shift focus away from negative thoughts, giving your mind and body a chance to recover and de-stress.

Nothing good ever comes out of worrying and stressing over things, especially those you have no control over. Stay positive, think positive, and be positive.

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