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Keeping The Mind Occupied

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Long hours at home — no thanks to the Circuit Breaker — can take a toll on our mental health. To stave off boredom, try these online alternatives rather than binge watching Netflix.

With swimming pools, cinemas, gyms, theatres and pubs closed to comply with Circuit Breaker rules, you could be forgiven for going stir-crazy. But staying at home doesn’t have to leave you feeling like you are at your wit’s end. Check out these ideas to keep anxiety and boredom at bay.

Pick up art history
Why not use this opportunity to learn more about the art world? Go to the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) page to sign up for its art history courses. MoMA is offering a few options on its website. All classes are taught through the online portal Coursera, and allow participants to learn directly from artists and designers. They can also browse the museum’s collection. 

Watch locally staged productions
Missing a visit to the theatre? Local theatre companies such Wild Rice, Pangdemonium, and The Necessary Stage are putting on online watch parties, virtual theatrical experiences, and even Instagram book readings to keep theatre enthusiasts entertained. Get your theatre fix by checking in to see what they have lined up for the week.

Play board or card games
This is the time to bring out those card or board games in your storeroom you’ve almost forgotten about. It’s a great way to turn screen time into bonding moments. Of course, you could choose to play board games online, and challenge friends to a game of Monopoly on your mobile or solve a mystery with a virtual version of Clue. Keen mahjong players can try playing the game online, against the computer or real opponents.

Plant a garden
Try your hand at gardening by growing some herbs or vegetables with easy indoor gardening kits put together by local companies. Get an Urban Farming Kit from Super Farmers and plant vegetables such as kang kong, Chinese kale, and chye sim; or check out Crops & Co’s Basic Urban Farming Set, which comes in themes such as Grow Your Own Pizza Topper, or Grow Your Own Mixed Salad.
Stroll through the Keukenhof
If you are missing jaunts in the park, you could pay a virtual visit to the popular Keukenhof flower garden in the town of Lisse in the Netherlands via the Visit the Keukenhof YouTube channel. Enjoy the fresh blooms as the parks gardeners take viewers around the garden and talk about their favourite spots and flowers, including hyacinths, daffodils and, of course, the Netherlands national flower tulips.

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