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Inspiring Travel Podcasts

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Here’s where you can go when you can’t go anywhere.

Slake your thirst for far-flung adventures by listening to these audio chats from top podcasters. Indulge in armchair escapism and glean handy travel tips while satisfying your wanderlust, albeit vicariously.

THE TRAVEL DIARIESThe Travel Diaries is a weekly interview series where London-based travel journalist Holly Rubenstein interviews influential figures about their seminal travel experiences. On the list of interviewees are actor Dev Patel, celebrity chef Rick Stein, and British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes (a cousin of the actor brothers Ralph and Joseph Fiennes). Rubenstein gets them to open up about the eight key chapters of their life’s travel diaries, such as their earliest childhood travel memory, the first place they fell in love with, and the place they’d never go back to. Spoiler alert: Dev Patel’s favourite destination is Korea!


THE ARMCHAIR EXPLORERHosted by award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar, each podcast of The Armchair Explorer features an extraordinary adventurer or globetrotter. Each episode is cut documentary style and set to music and cinematic effects to create an immersive storytelling experience. On the line-up of those wholl entrance you with their adventures are blind explorer Christopher Venter; Ed Stafford, world-renowned for having walked the entire length of the Amazon River on foot; and YouTube star Drew Binsky, who has ventured into dangerous territories, such as Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and more.


WHERE TO GOWith most — if not all — of us having had our travel plans scuppered by COVID-19,  Where to Go’s fortnightly episodes focus on specific destinations that has hosts James Atkinson and Lucy Richards talking to local experts who reside in these countries. Produced by the team behind the DK Eyewitness travel guides, the hosts unpack the impact COVID-19 has had on the destinations covered, as well as hidden gems and unmissable sights these places hold. One episode trains its lens on Sweden, during which Atkinsons and Richards ask award-winning photographer and writer Lola Akinmade Akerstrom what visitors to the Nordic destination can look forward to, as well as the country’s novel approach in dealing with the pandemic. An advocate of slow travel, Akerstrom explains what that entails while sharing some of her memorable experiences travelling around the country.


THE THOUGHTFUL TRAVEL PODCASTTravel podcaster and blogger Amanda Kendle’s The Thoughtful Travel Podcast seeks to remind travel lovers of their own travels and encourage them to hit the road as soon as they able to. Each episode is packed with interviews on topics such as meeting the locals, getting lost, slow travel, and what we learn from our travels. Among the highlights are interviews with well-known travel authors Paul Theroux and Bill Bryson.


JUMP WITH TRAVELLING JACKIEPreviously known as The Budget-Minded Traveller, host Jackie Nourse has revamped her podcast to JUMP with Travelling Jackie. Through a mix of guest stories, solo episodes, and often raw and personal accounts, the podcast focuses on off-the-beaten-track experiences and offers insider tips for travel across the continents. With episodes that cover the less touristy parts of Tuscany and glacier mountaineering in the Himalayas, you’ll be moved to pack your hiking boots in anticipation of the podcast’s next adventure. Among the tangible advice you can take away are how to pack for various modes of travel, how best to learn a foreign language, and ways to get the best deals on flights.


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