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Heatwave Hacks

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The weather has been scorching lately. As a result of climate change, heatwaves are becoming more frequent. Hot weather puts people’s health at risk. Knowing how to keep cool in such a situation is essential.

While basking in the sun can be delightful, extreme heat can be dangerous. But there’s a lot we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the heat.

Cool yourself down

 Go light

We all know that the less you wear, the cooler you feel, but did you know that the material of your clothes matters too? Materials such as cotton and seersucker, a puckered fabric usually made of cotton, are top choices as they are lightweight and breathable.

Chill your hot spot

An economical and swift method to beat the heat is to apply ice to pressure points like your wrists or the back of your neck. This rapidly cools your body as blood flows near the skin at these points, facilitating the circulation of cooler temperatures.

Sun’s out

If you don’t have the luxury of escaping into an air-conditioned space in the afternoons, the next best thing you can do is avoid the sun’s glaring rays. For example, instead of walking on the pavement, you can walk through a park, or the void decks of flats. If those are not an option, a wide-brimmed hat works wonders in keeping you cool too! 

Up close and personal

Handheld fans, both electronic and traditional ones, are great, but have you heard of wearable cooling devices? Dubbed “neck air-conditioners’, these rechargeable or battery-powered gadgets are worn around your neck and work by blowing cool air towards you.

Vested interests

If you’re really feeling that hot under the collar, an ice vest might solve your woes. While its bulky designs won’t score high on aesthetics, it’s the next best thing to pasting ice cubes on your chest. Literally a vest with pockets for inserting ice packs in, it’s guaranteed to bring you relief from the heat, albeit only for several hours.

Cool down your living room

Sun’s downWhile curtains are great for removing the sun’s glare, they can also contribute to heat retention. Solar films are a great alternative to curtains if privacy is not a concern, as they reduce the amount of UV rays entering a room, which helps to keep temperatures at a comfortable level.

 Viva ventilation!

This is a simple but effective method of cooling down a room. To ensure that a room is thoroughly ventilated, open the doors or windows that are on the opposite side of each other in a room. This way, stale or warm air exits while fresher, cooler air enters.

Light bulb moment

This may be just a small detail, but switching from candescent light bulbs to light-emitting diodes (LED) does go a long way in keeping your home cool. LED lights produce less heat than their candescent counterparts; the difference is noticeable especially if the light source is directly overhead.

Green breeze

Ever wondered why a park or forested area feels cool despite the weather? This is because plants release moisture when they transpire, which cools down their surroundings. Adding a few easy-to-care-for indoor house plants doesn’t only help bring temperatures down, it also brings a pop of colour!

You spin me right round

While almost every household in Singapore has ceiling fans installed, not everyone knows the secret to maximising their cooling efficiency. To do so, simply select the option to spin the fan anti-clockwise or in reverse – most modern models should allow you to do so. The anti-clockwise direction sends cool air downwards!

Remove the moisture

The primary cause of Singapore’s oppressive weather is its high humidity, often reaching up to 100%! That’s why reducing moisture in your home is crucial for comfort, even if it doesn’t directly decrease the temperature. One effective method is investing in a dehumidifier, which removes excess water from a room – just ensure all windows and doors are closed while in use.

Alternatively, running your air-conditioner on Dry mode (indicated by a water droplet symbol on most systems) achieves almost the same effect as a dehumidifier. Another perk of Dry mode over the standard Cool mode is its lower energy consumption, leading to reduced electricity bills.

Mini aircon

No aircon at home? No problem! For a simple yet effective solution, position a fan in front of a shallow dish filled with ice to create a DIY mini ‘aircon’.

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