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Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

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You often don’t even realise that you’re introducing dust and dirt into the car. Dust accumulation can also lead to sneezing fits, which isn’t ideal for driving. Here are some effective portable dustbusters to suck up your dirty problem. No more fumbling with messy wires!


Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolut

The latest handheld vacuum cleaner from British manufacturer Dyson packs everything you want, including 60 minutes of run time without loss of power. With three suction modes, you’ll have enough power to pick up even the most stubborn dirt.

Other cool features include a new bin design, which holds more compared with previous models, up to 0.54L, and a fast 3.5 hours of charging time. If there’s a drawback, it’s that the Dyson V10 is expensive at $899. But you do get one of the most powerful and long-lasting devices around, so it could be well worth the price you pay. Dyson also has a wide range of optional attachments you can buy to get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Tefal Air Force 360

French appliance maker Tefal’s Air Force 360 is a much cheaper cyclone cleaner. The 360 has a clever feature that requires you to only press the trigger button once to keep it on — the Dyson V10 requires constant pressure. This makes it a lot easier to use, though you’ll only get about 20 minutes of battery life, and that reduces to 12 minutes with the boost function turned on for more powerful suction.

The Air Force 360’s 0.4L bin may not sound as spacious as what the Dyson V10 has (at 0.76L), but that’s still plenty of room to suck up all the dirt inside your car. Retailing for $399, you’ll save quite a bit over the Dyson V10, but at a slightly lower performance.

Roidmi F8 Storm

Roidmi may not be a familiar name, but the Chinese company is backed by phone giant Xiaomi.

The F8 Storm is a pretty good cleaner. Featuring a horizontal bin like the Dyson V10, though smaller at 0.4L, the F8 Storm has a usage time of almost an hour as well similar to what the V10 offers.

Retailing at just $399 online, the F8 Storm is quite a steal, but the cool-looking cleaner does have one drawback: the round design means that the cleaner doesn’t sit well on surfaces, and you’ll have to lay it on its side.