Going to the Silk Road Nation

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The upcoming AUTOVENTURETM from London to Singapore will spend some time passing through Central Asia. There’s something for every type of personality on this exciting journey through the exotic countries along the Silk Road.

2For The Shutterbug


Sandwiched between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, the architectural landscape of Uzbekistan is a pretty palate of blue hues set against azure skies and yellow sand. A key stop on the Silk Road, Uzbekistan is infused with a rich cultural legacy laced with sprinklings of Soviet influences from its time as an enclave of the Soviet Union.


The Miri Arab, her distinctive blue domes gleaming in the desert sun, is, sadly, one you can only admire from afar, preferably atop the adjacent Kalon Minaret and with a zoom lens. Off limits to tourists, the iconic Islamic school was founded in the 16thcentury and stands opposite the Kalon Mosque.


Once a major hub in Central Asia, very little of that archaeological lineage remains in the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan. In its place, you’ll find a kaleidoscopic mix of modern and Soviet-era structures. Makes a great backdrop for all those selfies.