Going to the Silk Road Nation

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The upcoming AUTOVENTURETM from London to Singapore will spend some time passing through Central Asia. There’s something for every type of personality on this exciting journey through the exotic countries along the Silk Road.

1For The Foodie


Sitting right smack on the crossroads of the Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan’s culinary traditions are a hodgepodge of different cultures that have passed through it. Spices from China, Iranian recipes, and traditions from Turkey all have their place in Kyrgyzstan’s unique culinary heritage. With dishes such as kazy orchuchuk (horse meat sausages!), maida manty (small meat- or potato-filled dumplings) and beshbarmak (boiled shredded meat with thin noodles), you can experience different parts of the world tour on a plate. 


The best thing to sink your teeth into here is watermelon. Have them whole or in an achichuksalad, which is usually served with the national dish, plov— rice with vegetables, quail eggs and slices of beef, lamb or horse. Yes, horse! Then wash it all down with icy shots of vodka served neat.


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