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Getting It Straight With Chiropractic

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Find out how chiropractic treatment can help improve posture and manage pain without resorting to medication.

Our day-to-day life can put stress on our spine, joints and muscles. This can manifest in a number of ways, such as backache, joint or muscle pain, neck pain, sprains, strains and more. If you often drive for hours on end, you may also be at higher risk for spinal disorders as the design of most car seats is not very supportive of the spine.

Traditionally, we could take a trip to see the family doctor for pain medications or muscle relaxants; we could also see a physical therapist to cope with the pain. If it is severe, surgery may have been the only option.

However, as people get more concerned about the increasing dependence on prescription medication and its potential side effects, there is the choice of seeking chiropractic treatment.

What is chiropractic?
Chiropractic treatment is aimed at improving poor posture, increasing range of motion, strengthening muscles,and aligning the spine. The immediate goal is often to alleviate the pain you are dealing with, though the ultimate goal is the overall health and well-being of your entire body.

The approach is based on the belief that the spine, which supports our bodies to face the demands and stresses of daily life, is vital to our overall health management. As such, the proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine, will enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medication.

The first impression of chiropractic treatment can be unsettling. Observing a treatment session in progress, you will notice the chiropractor twisting and turning the patient’s body accompanied by audible cracking and popping sounds. For someone suffering from chronic pain, the sounds alone mayput you off as you wonder how much more pain you need would to endure!

What the chiropractor does is hands-on joint adjustment or neck manipulation to eventually achieve proper spinal alignment. As a comparison, a medical doctor would treat your back as one unit while a chiropractor determines the exact location on your spine to address your specific pain. A trained and experienced chiropractor can evaluate, diagnose and treat a range of conditions of your spine, joints, muscles as well as those related to your nervous system.

Your first visit
Generally, your chiropractor will enquire about your problem and conduct a physical exam at the start of your visit. He or she may order some laboratory tests or an X-ray, and send you to a different doctor if your problem is not right for chiropractic treatment. If it is determined that spinal manipulation can help, you may get treatment in the office on your first visit. You may need to return for more treatments, depending on your condition. Be sure to ask how many visits you are expected to make. If you drive for a living, be sure to mention it to your chiropractor and get tips on maintaining proper alignment to keep you healthy on the road.

Do your homework
Before seeking chiropractic treatment, make sure you do your research and gather reviews or referrals from friends and family. In Singapore, chiropractic is not regulated by the Ministry of Health. There have been cases where consumers who signed up for pre-paid packages had to seek the intervention of Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) to get refunds on their unused sessions.

The Chiropractic Association (TCA) works with experts on self-regulation for chiropractors, and has developed a Self-Regulation Document that sets down a code of ethics, practice guidelines, and a code of advertising guidelines consistent with those of professional regulatory bodies internationally.

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