3 October – 12 November 2017: 41-Day Xinjiang, Tibet & Everest Base Camp Autoventure™

Flying in to visit the Everest Base Camp may be one of the bucket lists for adventure seekers, but our AutoventureTM (AV) team pushed their limits and brought along a group of participants on a 41-Day drive there!

Other than the main aim of the trip – visiting the ever-famous Everest Base Camp overviewing the Mount Everest; the convoy even witnessed the 72-Turn route in Basu, Tibet, rode camels in Xi’An, and visited the Great Wall of China from the Jia Yu Guan arm!

It was definitely the trip of the lifetime, as adventurer seekers pushed their limits as they drove through different terrains and adapting to changing climates. Keen to join us? Look out for our next trip to Everest Base Camp as our AV staff are working on it to bring our Members there in 2021!