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With a mission to improve the fast-charging experience, ELONXTECH has put in place everything you need to know about fast charging!

ELONXTECH specialises in fast charging. As its name suggests, the company is inspired by business magnate and investor, Elon Musk. Like Musk, ELONXTECH is passionate about its mission to improve people’s lives and change the way they charge their devices, as well as provide consumers easier access to high-quality products and knowledge.


Did you know that not all powerbanks are allowed on flights? Only those that don’t exceed 100–160Wh rating can be brought onto the airplane with you. You’ll find these and other interesting snippets on powerbanks and chargers on ELONXTECH’s Facebook page.

After conducting a survey among their friends, ELONXTECH’s founders discovered that up to a whopping 90% of consumers were buying cables, adapters and powerbanks that didn’t best match their devices. Recognising that many consumers did not possess the right knowledge, ELONXTECH’s founders decided to not only better equip consumers with the right information, they also set up a one-stop station to provide quality products for charging.

It’s all about knowing the maximum speed (Watt) your devices support, and that
Watt (W) = Voltage (V) x Ampere (A)

For example, the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s maximum charging speed is 20W. The combination to achieve this wattage will be 20W = 9V x 2.22A.

To fast charge your iPhone 12 Pro Max, your powerbank, cable or adaptor must be able to support this Voltage and Amperage (9V x 2.22A).

To make it more convenient, shoppers can simply connect with ELONXTECH’s 24/7 Live WhatsApp customer service department, and staff there will help you make the right choices.

ELONXTECH’s goal is to not only to help people achieve efficient charging using their powerbanks, but also make the process more sustainable.

Aiming to make products using 100% recyclable materials in time to come, ELONXTECH runs a year-round trade-in programme to encourage recycling of old and used powerbanks. It works together with its official partner, ViroGreen, to recycle useful parts and batteries while incentivising customers to make Earth a greener place. To participate in this programme, customers need to key in a promo code (more on this later) upon checkout to receive up to 50% off their powerbank purchase.

In addition, ELONXTECH avoids using plastic in all its packaging, which is designed to give an allowance of only 15% of their product size in order to keep it really compact and thus reduce wastage.

Ultimately, ELONXTECH’s goal is to produce trendy gadgets and create an exceptional experience to improve the lives of consumers in the digital era. From design to functionality and manufacturing, ELONXTECH practises the highest degree of quality control to ensure that the best products are delivered to its customers. It aims to constantly reduce the size and weight of its powerbanks so as to make them more convenient to carry around. And, yes, it does have flight-friendly powerbanks that are handy to bring on board!

ELONXTECH provides a customisation service — you can add an image or name to any powerbank you purchase from it. This personal touch would make the product a meaningful gift for friends and family. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs suitable for Him and Her.

AA Members are entitled to 10% OFF storewide all year round! Under ELONXTECH’s trade-in programme, AA Members can further receive to up to 50% OFF ELONXTECH’s powerbanks.

Use the following promo codes:

  • Key in promo code <AASingapore> during checkout to enjoy 10% OFF
  • Key in promo code <TRADEIN(No. of powerbanks)> upon checkout

– If you have 1 powerbank, key in <TRADEIN1>
– If you have 2 powerbanks, key in <TRADEIN2>
– Maximum trade in for one 10,000mAh powerbank = 6
– Maximum trade in for one 20,000mAh powerbank = 9
– Do check out the latest TRADEIN promo on ELONXTECH’s website