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Forgot Where You Parked?

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It’s an embarrassing situation, but we’ve all experienced it at one time or another. Here are some ways to remember where you parked your car.

You’ve just finished shopping in one of the malls, and as you are lugging your purchases, you realise you have forgotten where you parked your car. Was it on level three or four? Wait, there was a yellow pillar… or was it green?

This frustrating scenario is a recurring problem, especially in large and crowded parking lots. To reduce your stress levels, here are helpful suggestions to boost your recall of where your car is parked.

Be Aware Of The Surrounding Area
Make a mental note of any noticeable landmarks or distinctive features near where you’ve parked.

If you’ve parked outdoors, look for certain features, such as a unique-looking tree, a lamp post, or even a playground. It’s best if it is tall and easily spotted from a distance.

If you’ve parked indoors, note down specific markers, such as pillar numbers or alphabets, pasted posters, or signage. You can also note how far it is from where you’ve parked to the lift lobby or escalator. If you are entering a mall from the parking area, take note of the store name nearest to the car park entrance. Any of these can be used as a marker.

Stick To The Edges Of The Parking Lot 
This cuts down on the number of cars surrounding yours, which makes your car more visible. Usually, the perimeter makes for an easier search; if you parked right in the middle of the carpark, you have to go through a lot more cars in order to locate yours.

Make Your Care More Visible 
You can add a colourful or unique antenna topper; this will make your car easier to spot from afar as this sits above the car’s roof.

Make Use Of Your Smartphone 
Many shopping malls have employed mnemonic devices in their parking lots, colour coding or assigning symbols to different sections of the carpark. Use the camera on your smartphone and take shots of the colour or symbol of your section. If the shopping mall does not have such mnemonic devices, focus on something that has details and information that would help you later on.

Activate The ‘Panic’ Button Of Your Remote Keyless Entry System
If you are within distance of your car, this is a great way to locate it. Do be mindful if there are residences nearby, and deactivate the alarm promptly once you have located your car.

If there’s no ‘panic’ button on your key, press the ‘lock’ button twice — if you are within range, your car’s headlights will flash, making it easier to spot your car.

Download Free Apps 
Apps such as Find My Car, Save Location GPS and SpotAngels offer the user an easy and convenient option. They work by using your smartphone’s GPS capabilities to record your parking spot; you can locate your car by following the map. Features vary from app to app, compare and check reviews to find one that suits you and your needs best.